iPhone vs Android: The Biggest Differences

iPhone vs Android

When it comes to being in the market for a new phone, there are a lot of factors to consider. With cell phones being one the largest markets on the planet for personal tech, it can actually very quickly become overwhelming. Things like battery life, screen size, aesthetic, build quality, and of course, price range are all important to take in when you are on the hunt for a new phone. 

Taking the hunt for a new phone seriously makes a lot of sense because of how personalized these pieces of tech really are. A phone becomes a companion piece to your day-to-day life and can have a huge impact on your social, personal, and even business life. You want to be sure to get the kind of phone that fits your lifestyle, and your pocketbook, and with so many great options, that’s going to take some research. 

While it may be a lot of things to sort through and options to look at, there is one key decision you have to make early on before getting into the nitty-gritty, and that decision takes place between Apple and Andriod. Which operating system is best for you, and what are the biggest differences between the two? 

If you are looking for a new phone and have been wondering about what all there is to consider between iPhone vs Android, here is everything you need to know. 

What is the Core Difference Between Apple and Andriod?

The smartphone market is uniquely divided between two major types of cell phones, Apple’s iPhone and the Andriod. Now, if you’ve been in this world for a bit or you’ve been doing your research, then you know that when it comes to Andriod there are literally hundreds of different brands to choose from. While there are only a few flagship manufacturers like Samsung and Google Pixel to name a couple, there are literally hundreds of choices in this market.

So what makes an Andriod, an Andriod? It comes down to the operating system or OS. The Andriod OS is Google built, and while there are several manufacturers that use it, it has the same core components and features. 

Apple on the other hand is the largest cell phone manufacturer in the world and only runs with one kind of phone, the infamous iPhone. Here again, you see that the main difference between the singular iPhone and the hundreds of Androids is the operating system. iPhones run off of Apple’s signature iOS, which simply stands for iPhone Operating System. 

Which Phone Has the Most Variety?

This is another great question when looking for which phone works best for you. Because Androids have hundreds of manufacturers that use the same Google-based OS, it can seem like Andriod has Apple beat 100-to-1 when it comes to variety. However, that’s where Apple sets itself apart as the largest cell phone giant on the planet because Apple puts a lot of work into taking care of its consumer base.

What Does Apple Offer?

While it’s true that you can only find iOS on iPhones, and there aren’t hundreds of manufacturers creating their unique spin on a cell phone using the same OS, Apple has a wide variety of choices to choose from. Creating iPhones for every level of consumer, Apple uses simple fundamentals that give cohesion to their iPhone line, and capitalize on simplicity and functionality.

If you want a smaller phone with a great camera and fingerprint scanner, the Apple SE series is a wonderful option for people who don’t like big phones. On the other hand, if you love having the best cell phone camera on the market, and the most stunning OLED screen, then looking at their Pro and ProMAX series is a great option. 

By focusing on premium quality builds, and dependable functionality, Apple has developed a line of iPhones that truly can have something for everyone. 

Best Way To Get an iPhone

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When it comes to getting a phone, you have to get the one that fits your lifestyle the best. The major differences between Andriod and Apple are easy to see once you put them side by side. If you are thinking of getting into the Apple ecosystem for the first time, then getting the iPhone 12 Pro is a great place to start.