What is Joey Chestnut Net worth? Know Other Details About Him Here

Joey Chestnut
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Joey has become quite a famous person for being the US eating competition champion. So, that’s why, people want to know more about him, like what is Joey Chestnut net worth. Talking furthermore about him, let us also mention that he is at the present the number one on the Major league Eating’s list. 

In August 2020, he ate a humongous pizza of a whopping 4.1 kg in only 32 minutes and 14 seconds. If you search hot dog eating contest Joey Chestnut, then you can find the video easily on MrBeast’s channel. 

In fact, it’s also worth noting that in the same year, he finished 75 Nathan’s Hot Dogs and Buns challenge in just 10 minutes. So, if you want to know more about Joey, then it’s time to go through this article. Here we will provide you with details about his life. For instance, we will share what is Joey Chestnut net worth, his age, life facts, and more. So, now’s the time to dig into this article and get all the facts about Joey. 

Joey Chestnut Net worth
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A Short Bio On Joey

Real Name Joseph Christian Chestnut
Nickname Joey
Net Worth $2.5 Million USD (As of 2022)
Date of Birth 25 November 1983
Age 38 Years Old (As Of 2022)
Birthplace Fulton County, Kentucky, USA
Current Residence Fulton County, Kentucky, USA
Nationality American
Profession Competitive Eaters
Martial Status Unmarried
Girlfriend/ Affairs Neslie Ricasa (ex-girlfriend)
Religion Christianity 
Zodiac sign Sagittarius

So, a lot of people want to know about Joey. Considering the fact that he eats so much and also wins eating competitions, people are wondering, what is Joey Chestnut net worth? So, we shall share it soon enough with you. However, before that, we should look at a few other facts about Joey’s life. 

For instance, we should note that Joey Chestnut celebrates his birthday every year on 25th Nov. Moreover, we should also note that his year of birth is 1985. In other words, we can tell you that as of 2022, he is around 37 years old. 

One should also note that Joey is from Fulton County, Kentucky, USA. His full name is actually Joseph Christian Chesnut. There are not a lot of details available about his life because Joey likes to keep his private life private. However, we do know for a fact that his mom’s name is Alicia and his father’s name, on the other hand, is Merlin. 

The sources also tell us that his ancestry is Caucasian. Moreover, a lot of people also want to know more about his academic life. Well, there are not many details available about his school life. However, it’s true that he went to San Jose State University. 

Personal Life of Joey

Well, before we tell you what is Joey Chestnut Net worth, let’s talk about his personal life. So, Joey is a person who doesn’t like to share his private life with the media. Therefore, we don’t know whether he is in a relationship at the moment or not. 

Based on assumptions, he is single at the moment. However, it’s true that Joey was in a relationship with Neslie Ricasa. So, the duo dated each other for a long time before proposing to each other. But just before their wedding in 2015, the couple broke up. 

Joey Chestnut
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Body Stats of Joey

So, the fact that Joey eats so much, you may wonder about his body stats, right? Well, the man, Joey stands tall at a height of 6 ft and weighs around 100 kg. 

Joey Chestnut’s Career

People mostly know Joey Chestnut for his capacity to eat hotdogs. Apparently, he has won the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, not just once or twice, but a total of whopping 13 times. It’s qutie a feat for sure. Joey Chestnut hot dog record surely speaks for itself. 

So, the sources tell us that he won for the first time in the year 2007. Thereafter, from 2008 to 2014 he continuously challenged that competition and won. Though he lost that year, he once again regained his supremacy in the year 2016. So, in that year, 2016, he ate a total of 70 hot dogs. 

If you see Joey Chestnut record, then you will appreciate this man’s eating capacity. So, the sources tell us that he ate Horseshoe Sandwiches worth 2.9kg, in just ten minutes. Moreover, he also ate 2.7kg of Funnel Cake in under 10 minutes in the year 2009. Furthermore, he also made a record for eating 53 taco bells in just 10 minutes in the year 2011. Not only that, but he also ate 6.24kg of pork ribs once. 

Joey’s Net Worth
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Joey’s Net Worth

A lot of people ask, “what is Joey Chestnut net worth’, after seeing his records. So, we can tell you that he has a net worth of around 2.5 million USD as of 2022. He mainly earns the money from ads and sponsors. Moreover, it’s also worth noting that Joey has his own Label of Dipping sauces now. 


  • How Many Hotdogs Did Joey Chestnut Eat?

He ate 75 hot dogs in the year 2020 in a competition in under 10 minutes. 

  • How Much Does Joey Chestnut Make?

He won a total of 40k USD prize money from the eating competitions. 

  • How Many Hot Dogs Did Joey Chestnut Eat?

He ate 75 hot dogs. 

  • How Old Is Joey Chestnut?

Joey is around 37 years old as of 2022.

  • How Much Is Joey Chestnut Worth?

His net worth is 2.5 million USD as of 2022.

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