Androgynous Haircuts to Transform Your Looks

Androgynous Haircuts

The idea of “androgynous haircuts” may sound like a contradiction in terms. After all, aren’t haircuts supposed to make you look more feminine or masculine? But the truth is that this hair trend has been around for a while and it’s only just now getting popular. 

Androgynous hairstyles are perfect if you’re looking for something versatile—something that can be worn up or down, styled into waves or curls, parted on either side, etc. Here are some of our favorite examples of androgynous haircuts from celebrities who have embraced their inner androgyny!

An undercut is a perfect example of androgynous haircuts. It is a hairstyle that features shaved sections of hair under the rest of your hair. When you pull your hair up into a ponytail, you can see the shaved underneath- but when let down with just some waves from curling iron or flatiron set in place, it looks like any other haircut!

  • Messy Pompadour

This androgynous haircut is perfect if you want to maintain some freedom in how you style and keep your hair. According to LoveHairStyles, you can contrast the sides with different colors, textures, or even a perm if you so like it! It looks just as great slicked back flat ironed – whatever your style of choice might be this versatile cut will make it look fantastic. A hair wax helps with keeping this style pieces and messy.

  • Shaved Sides

You’ll want to be bold. Whether you’re a man or woman, androgynous haircuts like Cassie’s are perfect for those who aren’t afraid of going against what is considered conventional in society these days. What makes this look so popular? You can showcase your shaved side no matter how short your hair gets; whether it’s feminine, masculine, or anything else – people will appreciate that audacity!

  • Shaved Side + Long Hair

You’re not just deciding between a buzz-cut, long pixie-style haircut or Mohawk. The best of all worlds combines gorgeous elements from the most popular androgynous haircuts with this one that features an edgy texture reminiscent of both punk rockers (even if you don’t want to go for such extreme lengths) and runway models who are showing off their natural curls to achieve maximum volume while still looking polished.

  • Bowl Cut

This hairstyle is a big surprise, but a welcome one. The nice thing about it is that Theron has the perfect hair for this style-the right thickness and length to show off its beauty. One might think thin hair will cut appear flat due to lack of volume, however, with just some mousse and styling correctly (though not too much), short hairdos like these can give an appearance of thicker tresses.


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  • Copper Pixie

The fashion world is getting creative with hair colors. The latest shade? Copper red! This fiery, bold color will look great on any short haircut and can be worn as a statement or paired back for an understated style. Want to learn more about the hottest shades of copper this season? Go for one of the most fashionable colors – it looks sharp with all types of hairstyles from high buns to choppy layers.

  • Layered Bob Cut

The natural and edgy looks of a shoulder-length haircut are perfect for girls with busy schedules. You can slick back your hair or wear it straight, throw in an undercut with some gelled-up waves to show off your fun personality – the possibilities are truly endless!

  • Long Hair

The beauty of long hair is that it can be styled in so many different ways. If you’re looking to try something more daring than a layered bob, go for an unexpected undercut with a design. Long-haired beauties Queer Eye hairstylist Jonathan Van Ness and gender-nonconforming star (he uses he/him or they/them pronouns per his social media) have played around with the wavy locks but usually wears them down as well!

  • Boy Band Cut

This is a popular style with K-pop members, too. It’s perfect for those looking to show off their edgy androgynous swagger while still maintaining some of the boyish charms. You will want to keep it styled by brushing down those swooped bangs in front using your round brush, blow dryer, and pomade – all essentials for this look!

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