9 Silent Electrical Red Flags That You Need to Watch Out

Electrical Red Flags

Electrical problems sometimes go unnoticed until they are causing primary disruptions in your Las Vegas home. Warning signs may be implicit, but often, they can already be dangerous. Here are ten of the most common silent problems that you should take notice of before it can cause harm to your household.

#1 Tangled Wiring

To electricians, organized and well-secured wiring is one of the best ways to ensure a hazard-free home or establishment. On the other hand, a disorganized cable system is a warning of incompetent electrical work. If you notice that the wiring, especially in your junction box, is tangled and seems like a bird’s nest, it is time for you to do a thorough assessment of your home’s electrical system.

Also, considering this kind of electrical work, you might want to find a Las Vegas electrician who can provide a more professional service.

#2 Loose Outlets

If you are to use an appliance and plug it into an outlet, do you ever check if the outlet is stable or moving? If it is moving, then it is a warning sign that you need to inspect that specific outlet today. A loose outlet will, after some time, induce potential fire hazards like sparks and shorts. Fortunately, having loose outlets is not the worst problem and has DIY solutions. However, take note that if it is your first time to do such without any help from anyone who knows how to, it is best to seek help from a professional electrician.

#3 Hot Outlets

There are quite a good number of electrical appliances and devices that create heat when used. This scenario is typical to desktop computers, laptops, and smartphones because of their charging apparatus. But, keep in mind that the outlet itself should not generate heat on its own. If you observe that your outlet is hot, immediately remove all plugged cords and stop using it until you resolve the issue.

You may also treat switch cover plates as you check your outlets. However, remember that there is a sole exception, dimmer switches. It is usual for this type of switch to feel warm as they disperse the extra energy to produce a dimming effect. Even so, these switches and outlets should never be too hot to touch.

#4 Flickering Bulbs

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Yes, flickering lights might remind us of the holiday spirit – twinkling lights. Right? However, this scenario might be more complicated than you think it is. It might be due to a loose electrical connection.

If the non-stop on-and-off activity occurs to one light fixture, you can fix it right away as the problem might be the light bulb itself. But, if it involves several light fixtures or rooms, you need to be concerned as the problem might be in your home circuit. Moreover, if the entire house experiences flickering light, then you need to check your breaker box or utility drop as soon as possible. If this happens, hiring a licensed electrician is a must.

#5 Rodent Infestation

What if you see those little mice or rats running around your home? Other than checking your library or attic for damage, one major concern you need to address is that if there are nests or droppings near your electricals. Why? It is because you need to inspect if there are chew marks on your cables.

Unfortunately, rodents continue to gnaw your cables until they are close to bare. The little creature will not probably survive because of shock when exposed to live wire. Moreso, you or any of your housemates may be shocked eventually, or worse, the live wire may cause a fire. So, if you see any signs of rodent activity in your home, especially near wiring, inspect immediately to examine your wires for any damage. And if there is, have it fixed right away.

#6 Incompetently Grounded Gas Lines

One important task where you need a professional electrician is the proper grounding of your gas line tubings. A common choice for homeowners is CSST or corrugated stainless steel tubing or popularly known as the flex line. This type of tubing is efficient for gas lines but it should be grounded competently by an expert electrician to keep the risk of disastrous blowout low.

Why? It is because there is a possibility of a gas leak or explosion due to an electrical surge. This scenario occurs in the lightning phenomenon that happens on or near your location. The electrical surge can cause tubing rupture.

#7 Smell of Something Burning

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A burning smell is one of the most dangerous warning signs that you can encounter as it means something might be on fire or is too hot to create such a smell. The plastic sheath of your cable may have melted from the heating of your electrical system. If it happens, your home is in a high fire hazard situation and immediate action must take place.

First, you must pinpoint the source of the problem, which is where the burning smell is coming from. You might want to change the outlet or bulbs damaged. But, to be completely sure that all your electrical system is safe and secure, it is best to have it inspected and fixed by a professional electrician.

#8 Aluminum Wiring

From the 1960s to 1970s, builders often opted for single-strand aluminum wires as coppers were too pricey for most homeowners. During that time, aluminum wire was the best alternative for copper as it provides the same efficiency at a lower cost. However, studies show that aluminum, when exposed, oxidizes faster than copper, which could result in heat build-up and eventually could lead to a fire.

In a laboratory environment, there might not be any problems but in an uncontrolled world, such as your home, aluminum wiring poses fire risks. This reason is why aluminum is discontinued as a material for the construction of residential wiring systems. According to the CPSC (U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission), residential buildings with aluminum wiring might be about 55 times more vulnerable to having fire incidents.

If you discovered that your home has aluminum wiring, you can have it assessed by your local electrician if it needs rewiring or not.

#9 Electrical Shocks

Have you ever felt a shock when you touched any metal that is connected to a plugged appliance? If yes, you may consider it as a warning sign, too. It is a red flag pointing out that your electrical system is not correctly grounded. Electric shocks are common in electrical fixtures, including ceiling fans and lights. Still, it can also happen in furnace ductwork and pipelines.

Keep in mind, though, that if you are unsure of what to do, it is best to seek the services of expert electricians.

Hire a Professional Electrician

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Given the nine silent warnings that you watch out for in your Las Vegas home, you must not take any of the above for granted as they pose a fire hazard. These red flags could cause harm to you and your loved ones. If you are inexperienced in checking and troubleshooting electrical wiring, you might want to consider hiring a professional electrician. Here are the most common reasons why you should

  • Education, Training, and Certification: Licensed electricians have assured competency through completed education and thorough training before they can get certified and qualified for licensing. This process ensures that the electrician can provide work that is at par with the standards set by the authorities. When you are to hire an electrician, assess if they are on a beginner level, a journeyman, or a master. Moreover, check if their business or company has licenses and insurance.
  • Safety: It is one of the major reasons to seek help from a professional electrician. Safety, especially that of yourself, your family, and your property (house) is always of utmost importance. Moreover, electricity concerns can bring great danger if the solution you provided is worse than the initial situation. It is because if the solution is executed incorrectly, long-term damage can result.
  • Costs: Homeowners who want lower expenses might try to DIY their way out of an electrical problem. Sometimes, they fail to realize that doing so increases the risk of a bigger hazard. Again, it is where your trusty electrician comes in. They decrease your potential expenses in the future by ensuring that your electrical system is working well.
  • Sound Advice and Action Plan: Licensed electricians can do a thorough and accurate assessment of your electrical concern. Through it, they can provide sound advice and a detailed action plan to solve your problem.

Final Thought

Simple warning signs that point out electrical problems should not be neglected. Over time, they can develop into a more serious concern that can be hazardous to you, your family, and your home. Choose to consult with a professional electrician for assurance that you and your loved ones are safe. Moreover, choosing an expert to solve your electrical problem can help you extend the lifespan of your appliances, your wiring system, and your house. Read Also : Why An Electrical Inspection Is Necessary Before Buying A House?