Why An Electrical Inspection Is Necessary Before Buying A House?

Electrical Contractor

Buying something new is always exciting but buying a new home for your family is a powerful decision. You may be entering in a new phase of life like moving out to live independently after graduation or getting married or you may have found a job in another city and you have to buy a place to live there. But buying a used home is not an easy task, you will have to make many decisions before a purchase is made from location to size and then physical inspection of the house. During inspection almost, all of us ignore the most important components its electric wiring, boards and switches which must be inspected to see if house is safe to live in. Getting your house inspected by professionals is the most important thing you do to ensure your and your family’s safety. 

Make sure you get your electrical installation and components inspected in detail by professional electricians serving your area. By doing this you will ensure that the house you are about to buy meet all safety standards. Looking to get such services in Edmonton, Canada then give us a call and Chris Electric – one of best electric contractors in Edmonton area, will be right with you in a short time. 

Power Outlets and Fuse/Breaker Panel:Outlets should be carefully inspected to make sure that they are grounded properly and do not have any damage as these will be used daily by your family member.  The outlets in wet areas like bathrooms must be inspected to see that outlets are not wet and are proper grounding. Also, you need to make sure fuse or breaker panel are in good condition, have no burned damage or shorted.

Wiring: You are buying an old house and you have no idea of how old are the wires and what metal are the wires based on. So, you need to check if wires are copper based or aluminum based. You also need to know if installed wiring can meet your power demand. If you put too much load on wires then they can melt down and can ignite fire. Electrical wiring has a lifespan, just like wear out switches wiring must be changed if it is getting too old or is not able to handle required power load. You are about to invest a very big portion of your savings into the house so getting it checked by a qualified electrician is a wise thing to do. 

Lighting: Also make sure that you get lighting inspected for safety, you need to see if areas like basement, hallway, stair and garage are properly lit and have sufficient light. 

Chris from “Chris Electric Edmonton Canada” strongly recommend that you take inspection report seriously when making an offer for the house. If the results are not great or what you were expecting them to be then you can ask the seller to fix the problems or you can ask him to give you the money so you can get them repaired. If seller is not willing to do either then it is your decision whether you want to buy this house or look for another. In case you are going to buy the house, you will be aware of all the electrical problems with the house and you will know how much money you will need to repair all electrical faults. 

In Canada people spend less time on buying a house then buying a car so it is highly recommended that you get your house inspected for all electrical faults.