Chris Watts – A Cold-Blooded Murderer, Now His Girlfriend House

Chris Watts

You may hear about Chris Watts, who has killed his whole family members for a mistress. He was sentenced to lifetime jail for a cold-blooded murder. But still, the man is said to have been in contact with his mistress inside the prison.

Who Is Chris Watts?

Chris Watts was an operator at Anadarko Petroleum. His wife’s name is Shanann Watts. The couple had two kids. It was the summer of 2018, which was the happiest year for this couple. They came to know that they are adding one more member to their family. They already had Bella, a 4-year-old daughter, and Celeste, a 3-year-old daughter. It was known that they were expecting a third kid, a son.

They were residing in a suburban home located in Frederick, Colorado. It was around 27 miles away from the north of Denver. For outsiders, this family seems to be the happiest one.  But Shanann’s friends started hearing about some problems in their family. 

Chris Watts’ Girlfriend:

Chris Watts met Nichol Kessinger at his workplace. It was Anadarko Petroleum’s environmental department. Based on some sources, Chris met Kessinger four to five times a week. They even started having a physical relationship in July. 

Chris Watts Girlfriend

At Nichol, Chris was assured that he will get a divorce soon from his wife. Later after a month, when Shanann and her kids are out of town, Nichol used this situation as divorce evidence. He assumed that he got divorced from Shanann, as she left his home.

On July 4, Nichol went to Chris’ home for the first time. They went on a date on July 14 to Shelby American Collection Car Museum. They even spent a night together at Great Sand Dunes National Park on July 28. These things happened when Chris’ family is out of town.

Shanann forwarded some messages to her friends. Such messages clearly show that she had some problems with her husband. Additionally, Shanann was not on good terms with Chris’ parents.

How Did Chris Kill His Family?

One day morning, Chris and Shanann had a big dispute. Chris shared about his relationship and he also said that his relationship will last with Shanann. These statements led to some arguments. At last, Chris smothered Shanann to death. Then, he wrapped her in a blanket to take her to his site. He then took his kids to the backseat of the truck where Shanann’s body was there. 

chris watts now

Then, he suffocated Celeste in the backseat and killed her. He did the same for another daughter, Bella, and put their bodies in two oil tanks. Shanann was pregnant and thus, Chris killed his unborn son too.

Thus, Chris got punishment for killing his wife, two daughters, and unborn child too. He got lifetime imprisonment at Colorado Jail. But he moved from Colorado to Dodge Correctional Facility in Waupun, Wisconsin. This is due to his safety concerns. Is Chris Watts Still Alive? Yes, he is still alive in prison. 


Chris is having contact with a mistress for whom he is in jail now. He is currently living in jail to serve his five life sentences. 

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