Dreaming of a White Christmas 🎅 Where Is It More Likely to Snow?

White Christmas

Across the world, there are places where it is likely to snow on Christmas. But what are the actual chances of snowfall and in which parts of the world on Christmas, is a good concern. 

The norms of celebrating this big day may have changed a bit due to the pandemic, but the excitement remains the same and especially when it comes to a snowy Christmas evening. The places that we are going to discuss here are most likely to enjoy a fully white Christmas Eve according to Betway Insider

We won’t advise you to get too excited beforehand, but according to the weather forecasts, there are some good chances for you to build a large snowman. The not-so-good news is that 65% of the whole world, which covers around 127 or more countries, will never see a white Christmas due to their climatic norms. However, the other 35% of the world has the possibility of it. 

When you talk about White Christmas, it is obvious that the very first country that comes to mind is the biggest in the world, Russia. In different parts of the whole country, comprising more than 60% of the land, there are good possibilities of snowfall. 

Apart from Russia topping the obvious list of seeing a white Christmas, the Scandinavian countries also show perfect probabilities of snowing. Across the Atlantic, the ones who would love to see snow would love to keep their expectations high in Canada. 

Okay, without mentioning one country at once, let us give you the list of countries that show the best possibilities of snowing for the bright snowy White Christmas.

  • Russia- 60.89% 
  • Belarus- 52.82%
  • Finland- 49.19%
  • Estonia- 49.19%
  • Lithuania- 48.39%
  • Greenland- 47.18%
  • Kazakhstan- 43.95%
  • Canada- 43.55%
  • Ukraine- 43.15%
  • Iceland- 42.34%.

If you are a snow lover, these are the countries that indicate the best chances of gifting you with a White Christmas

It is not disheartening for you if you live in a country that is not on this list, especially if you are a citizen of the United States Of America. According to trustable weather forecasts, some places in the United States are even beating the odds of Russia, the country which is known for its beautiful White Christmas for all these years. For example, Alaska shows a 66.1% chance of showing on Christmas Eve which is more than Russia’s 60.89%. Some other places in the USA, which are also showing the likelihood of snowing are Vermont and Minnesota, almost 60% for both. 

The good news for the snow-loving US citizens is that the possibilities of a snowy evening are great for the lower states of the United States. But, the only thing that can disrupt is the predictions of gusty wind and storms which can terminate any snowfall for an auspicious day. 

Minneapolis has over 77% chance of snowfall, which is situated at the highest point of any United States city. 

Denver also has more than a 50% chance of snowfall according to AccuWeather. 

Meteorologist Jim Andrews said that “By the time you get to Christmas, the normal temperature (in Minneapolis) is well below freezing; if there’s precipitation, the odds are that it will be snow rather than rain or ice,”

Andrew also added that the temperature in the Mile High City during the Christmas season will range from 70 degrees to near about minus 20 degrees. Another top four cities of the United States, which are likely to witness snowfall are Milwaukee, New York, Detroit, Buffalo. 

If you want to be sure about the almost guaranteed states of the US where snowfall is almost certain, then they are, for a quick round-up, Minnesota, Maine, Northern New York, West Virginia, Pennsylvania Allegheny Mountains, Nevada Sierra Mountains, and the Rockies. So, if you are a US resident of any of these places, then there is no need for you to travel elsewhere. 

How Did White Christmas Become So Famous?

The very notion of White Christmas came from the brilliantly written novels of legendary British writer Charles Dickens. For readers, writings such as ‘The Pickwick Papers’ and ‘The Christmas Carol’ are still the books to cherish, where we get beautiful depictions of snow-covered Christmas. 


2021 Christmas can be great for snow lovers who are all set to see a white Christmas as there are some great predictions of snow in many places around the world. Countries like Russia, the USA, and Canada tops the list. 

However, Snow Christmas can mean a different thing in different places of the world. Like, say, in England, if a bit of snowfall takes place during Christmas, it is enough to call a White Christmas, but in the United States Of America at least one centimetre of snow in the ground to call a Christmas ‘White’.