5 Ways To Promote Your Business Account On Instagram

5 Ways To Promote Your Business Account On Instagram

Instagram is the best place to be for all business owners now. Simply put, the potential it has for marketing is not seen in other forms of media. Instagram is also a cost-effective method of marketing, so it is something all small business owners should consider investing their time and money in. Networking with clients has never been easier, with instagram videos you will never have to worry about the dwindling frequency of your clients as they will keep coming back if your products are good. You are also not bound by borders, as you can ship your products to a worldwide client base. 

With plenty of room for the growth of your business, Instagram is surely the place where you can expand it. You can also gain Instagram followers from some of the best sites to increase engagement on Instagram whenever you see that your engagement rates are getting low. We will also tell you about more ways in which you can bring up your engagement rates on Instagram while running a business account. 

Deciding what you want in the first place will help you outline your content strategy better. Instagram is a big playing ground with a lot of competition everywhere. The commonest goals are – to build a community, engage with an audience, increase brand awareness, and gain more customers for your products. These are some of the easily achievable goals that you can accomplish if you spend some time interacting with your audience on Instagram. Continuously monitor your progress on the platform and keep getting boosts from external agencies to help you get through the journey. Writing down your goals will help you be more in sync with them and you will never lose track of your ultimate aim.


Optimizing your profile so that it can be found easily is one of the first things you should do on Instagram. You should get a business name that is unique to you so that your brand is not mixed up with the others. Your name on the handle should preferably name the field you are in so that it shows up when people search for it. You should also optimize your bio in a way that it tells people what you do with your business. Contact information is a must, it gives the option to the customers of getting in touch with you for more information. A link that speaks more about your brand is also suggested. 


Instagram is all about aesthetics. The first thing that people see when they arrive on your profile is always going to be the content that you uploaded. If you decide on a theme for your content and upload it regularly, your grid will appear more organized and appealing to the audience. They will see the efforts you are putting into the business and want to buy your products more. Since it is all about presentation, you can improve your aesthetic game to scale up your business. Having a good background to showcase your product helps out a lot as well.


Consistency is key on all social media platforms. No one wants to follow a dead account that shows no progress. Clients want to see what you have done with your business already that you want them to buy from you. It is recommended that you upload at least one story per day even if you are not able to post daily. You can have an interactive Q&A session to engage with your audience and form a genuine bond with them. The algorithm prefers those accounts which are more active, so you get a better chance of featuring on the explore page if you keep posting content.


Hashtags act as a way of categorizing posts, and they also make the posts more searchable. If your posts garner more attention, you can get featured on the hashtag page, and your post will be visible to those who follow that hashtag. It helps in increasing brand awareness to an audience that was previously unaware of your work. If you are already on a great level of engagement, you can create your hashtags, which will be unique to your brand and increase its visibility even more. You can check out what hashtags are trending with the help of sites like Hashtagify.


If you are running a business, at some point you would have thought about going on Instagram to get some of your marketing needs fulfilled. Especially for small businesses, Instagram is a great place to start as it requires little to no investment. Even for big brands, Instagram gives them credibility and a global platform to showcase their products and services. If you buy organic Instagram followers, you will surely notice a boost in your engagement rates. To increase engagement on Instagram engage with your audience and they are sure to recommend your services. Thanks to the constant updates and features added to Instagram, you always have a new canvas on which you can create things for your social media handle. 

We hope that this article has been of some help to you and you now know how to use the potential of the platform to increase the brand awareness of your business venture.

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