6 Useful Travel Accessories You Didn’t Know You Need

Travel Accessories

I never miss an opportunity to travel. I try to go as far and as long as I can. Exploring new areas and spending quality time with my loved ones keep me energetic and fully alive.

However, I am not the one who goes for a holiday without caring much about the accessories I might need. I choose my accessories according to the place I am heading. 

But, there are some accessories you might want to take almost everywhere. I am writing down some cool travel accessories you might not want to miss. These might not be as important as your travel documents or necessary items like phones or chargers, but these items will surely help you.

1) Portable Water Purifier

If you love to go camping or hiking, or you often travel to a place where drinking water is expensive, you might want to take a portable water purifier with you. You can either use a Lifestraw or a microfilter bottle set. 

Portable Water Purifiers can kill 99% of bacteria and germs. You can purify water from waterfalls, streams, rivers, stray taps, etc. Moreover, they come in vibrant colors to keep you trendy. 

2) Compressed Towels

Compressed towels can save you money and space. Regular bulky towels take a lot of space and are not easy to carry around. You might want to switch to compress towels that usually come in a coin shape. 

You do not have to put much effort into using it. You have to open the coin-shaped tablet, put a few drops of water on it, and that is it. Your hand towel will be ready. 

You can also buy large-sized towels, but you need to soak that tablet in a bowl for a few minutes, and soon your regular-sized towel will be ready.

3) Toothpaste Tablets

Toothbrushes and toothpaste are the most common items you forget to carry. Several times we wake up on holiday and suddenly remember that we forgot toothpaste and a toothbrush.

You might want to use toothpaste tablets to avoid a situation like this. You might need to chew the toothpaste tablet for a little and then throw it away. You can also use a toothbrush(if you have one) to brush the tablet away after chewing it.

4) Neck Pillow

There are several neck pillows available presently. You can use a hoodie pillow or a pillow that you can strap to a seat which also helps your head fall forward, and more pillows like these. 

Sleeping might be the best escape if you do not like to do much when you travel. You can also use earplugs, eye masks, etc., for more comfort. This way, you can sleep even though other people are making noise or singing songs or opening your car’s windows.

5) Swiss Knife

The Swiss knife is not a knife only but a necessary tool. It is a multi-utility item that you can use to cut a rope, open a cork, as a sewing tool, or even as a Pharmaceutical Spatula.

There are many types of Swiss knives available, and you can buy anyone according to your need and the money you want to spend on it. 

6) Tech and Entertainment

You might always carry your charger, camera, and power banks. There is no need to explain why you need them. I am talking about other multimedia devices you can take to get entertained.

You might need to take a universal adapter that will allow you to plug your entertainment devices anywhere. 

Often when we stay at hotels and want to watch TV, there are not enough TV channels you get. Several times, hotel owners or managers buy the cheapest package, which does not help travelers much. You might want to take a device like Amazon Firestick with you. There are two reasons for that,

  • It is small in size and can fit even in your pocket,
  • You can use it anywhere.

You can plug a Firestick into any TV with a USB port, and you can enjoy your favorite content. You can use a VPN to unblock geo-blocked content if you are in another country. You can install a third-party VPN or download directly from Amazon app store. Here are the features, installation process, and all information about the VPN I recommend for an Amazon Firestick.


There are several other items like thermal blankets, foot warmers, inflatable lights, etc., that you can carry. The list of these items can keep going, but I mentioned some important ones.

This list can be different for different people. You might not need a portable water purifier if you are traveling to a city or town. You can also skip a neck pillow if you are traveling by a sleeper compartment in a bus or train.