Six Self-Storage Unit Etiquette Tips Every Renter Should Know

Self-Storage Unit
A perspective view down a corridor of storage units

Whether you are at work, in the mall, or at a self-storage facility, you should strive to have good manners and abide by the kind of etiquette that you would expect others to have. 

So, when it comes to renting self-storage units, it is important you consider all elements of etiquette. 

Here are six tips that every renter of self-storage units should know. 

1. Follow the Rules and Restrictions 

When you rent storage units in Baton Rouge or any other place, the first thing you should do is read through the rules of the facility.  

One of the most important things to consider is the restrictions that are in place. Certain items will not be allowed in self-storage units, with good reason.  

For example, chemicals, fireworks, and other hazardous items are typically never permitted.  

You should never put any flammable items into storage. Obviously, the reason you want to avoid things like explosives and flammable chemicals is they could potentially ignite and cause severe damage not just to your unit and the items you are storing, but to other units at the facility as well.  

Also, you should always avoid placing perishable food into storage units because it can attract rodents, invasive bugs, and other pests that could cause harm to your stored items and to the belongings of other renters. 

It should go without saying that live animals should never be placed in storage either.  

Make sure you abide by those etiquette rules to avoid highly problematic situations from arising. 

2. Do Not Block Other Units

Other forms of etiquette at self-storage units that are not contained in the facility’s rules are also important. For instance, you should never block doorways or units.  

Sure, you will want to park as close to your unit as possible when unloading your vehicle, but do not park right in front of someone else’s unit.  

You would not want someone to block access to your unit, so make sure you do not do the same. 

3. Politely Ask Other Renters to Move if They Are Blocking Access to Your Unit

Sure, if you should find someone blocking your self-storage unit, it could be annoying. But always treat other renters with the kind of respect that you would expect yourself.  

So, if you find another renter blocking your unit when you need to access it, simply ask the person to move his or her car or boxes out of the way in a polite manner. 

4. Never Engage with Conflicts

Following on from the last point, you should never engage in conflicts with other renters.  

If someone refuses to move his or her car or boxes when blocking your access, do not start a fight. Instead, remain calm and respectful and call for assistance from a member of staff or the facility manager.

5. Offer to Help People

You do not always have to actively look out for people who need help at self-storage units, but at the same time, it is good manners to help someone lift a heavy box, for example, if you can see a renter is struggling.  

You could transform someone’s day for the better by simply being kind and helpful

6. Do Not Disturb Other Renters

Although it can be good to assist other renters that are struggling, you also need to respect other people’s privacy at self-storage facilities. 

Furthermore, you should not disturb other people at the facility by doing things like playing loud music. 

As long as you remember to respect other people, self-storage unit etiquette will become second nature.

Summing Up

The key things to remember when you are at a self-storage unit, in terms of etiquette, are to remain respectful to other renters and remember to follow the facility’s rules. It really is that simple.  

So, to recap:

  • Follow the rules and restrictions.
  • Do not block other units.
  • Politely ask other renters to move if they are blocking your access.
  • Never engage in conflicts.
  • Offer to help people.
  • Do not disturb other renters.