6 Reasons You Should Do Makeup To Amplify Your Beauty

Makeup To Amplify Your Beauty

Makeup has manifold benefits that transcend well beyond aesthetics. That’s right. It is a transformative art form, allowing you to experiment with innumerable colours and textures. Moreover, using cosmetics to enhance your features serves as a big boost of confidence, allowing you to be assertive in every aspect of your life. Be it the first day at a new job, an important board meeting, or the first date night with ‘that someone special,’ the list goes on. If you wear makeup on a regular basis or want to open new doors of experimentation, you have landed on the right page. We bring you an exhaustive list of the benefits of wearing makeup. Keep scrolling!

Benefits of Makeup 

  • Makeup Helps Boost Confidence 

We preface this section by saying that wearing makeup is a personal choice. So, if you wish to channel an all-natural vibe, more power to you. On the other hand, if you feel like a hint of makeup can perk up your look, reach out to your vanity stat. It could be as simple as applying a twinge of BB creams to administer a single-tone complexion or a full face of glam with an infallible base, heavy contour for chiselling the bone structure, and highlighter (and blush) for the drama.

Looking good on the outside instantly elevates your confidence and who doesn’t like that?

  • Makeup is Therapeutic 

As touched upon briefly in the introduction, wearing makeup transcends well beyond aesthetics. Deemed as a transformative art form, it wields the power to conceal or convey aspects of your personality. Since it involves the use of colours and textures with the broad strokes of a brush (sometimes), it can be highly therapeutic. You can establish a flow in this artistic process, which more often than not, helps you break free from the mundanity of life.

  • Makeup Helps With Self-Discovery 

Makeup challenges the linear, rigid standards of beauty by championing the cause of inclusivity and individuality. It encourages you to shed your inhibitions and be yourself unabashedly – whether you wish to go all out with a sprinkling of glitter on the lids or wear a bold lip on a regular Monday, the world is your oyster.

  • Makeup Also Extends Skincare Benefits 

As the skinification of makeup reaches a crescendo, more and more products are powered with skincare benefits. From foundations imbued with hyaluronic acid for hydration to lippy formulations brewed with vitamin E to improve lip health, you are bound to feel spoilt for choice. Get the best of both worlds (exemplary makeup cum meticulous skincare) in one product! 

  • Makeup Elevates Your Ensembles

Whether you’re donning ethnic attire or a little black number, the perfect face of makeup can elevate your get-up exponentially. Furthermore, in this day and age of social media, the occasion-appropriate beauty look guarantees the best pictures and selfies. Don’t just take our word for it – let the enormous number of compliments speak for itself.

  • Makeup Helps Channel Every Mood (Improves Mood)

 Feeling a bit blue? Bust out your favourite palette and immerse yourself in a stimulating experience. The mere sight of colours, shimmers, and glitters (in no particular fashion) is bound to get you high on serotonin – helping you with a fresh perspective on life. The inverse is also true! It can help you channel every mood. If you’re all cherry, pick a soft brushing of blush on the cheeks or a bright strobe on the waterline. For a more sombre, goth-like psyche, go in for a swipe of a deep-tone lipstick and embrace your dark side.

Tips and Tricks for an Effective Makeup Look 

Now that you’re versed in all the benefits of wearing makeup, let’s focus on some tips and tricks to make the best of it. No matter your expertise in makeup application, these pointers are sure to come in handy! So, keep scrolling! 

  1. Skincare First: Makeup is undeniably an art form which demands you to prep the canvas first, i.e. your skin. Start by carefully washing your face with a cleanser to cast away unwarranted dust, grime, and pollution from the pores. Follow this with your treatment (serum), moisturiser, and SPF. Once through, you may bust out your makeup bag.
  2. Comfort Over Trends: Always pick formulations that sit comfy on the skin as opposed to an ingredient or product that’s trending. If you have active acne or severely sensitive skin, look for products devoid of SLS, fragrance, and mineral oils. Beauty is a form of self-care and should be considered an investment rather than an expense. So, we recommend purchasing only the best, be it makeup formulations or tools (like brushes, blenders and so forth).
  3. Freewheeling and Spirited: Technique is important for achieving the snatched look – but don’t get too hung up on it. Makeup is a dedicated art which cannot be perfected overnight. So, as long as your basics are infallible, allow yourself some room for errors and go with the flow!

Parting Thoughts:

Makeup has manifold benefits. It makes you look more attractive and enhances your confidence exponentially! The inventive use of hues, shimmers, and textures helps you explore many different aspects of your personality. Furthermore, a full face of makeup can help tie your whole ensemble together! From soft smoked-out eyes to complement nine yards of grace and elegance to a dewy-powered glam with bold lips for that LBD – the possibilities are endless.

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