6 Ideas For Dog Training Exercises

Dog Training

All dogs need proper training to be healthy and happy, but some require more mental stimulation than others. It’s crucial that you look out for new training exercises to keep your pet’s mind entertained.

Keeping your training fresh and fun benefits you and your pet and can be an excellent opportunity to bond. Read on to learn about new training techniques and activities for your beloved canine companion.

Test your dog’s mind with puzzle games

Some dogs are particularly brainy. For example, Golden Retriever Puppies are exceptionally smart and benefit immensely from training their agile brains. Consider purchasing or making a puzzle game for your pet. 

Typically, these will involve your pet needing to find out how to get a treat out of a container. The dogs need to use their nose or paws to manipulate the puzzle and earn their reward.

Polish up your dog’s leash skills

Everyone loves a well-trained dog on a walk, especially as leash skills are paramount to pet safety when you’re out in the world. 

Take your dog for frequent walks, and reward them with treats for not pulling and staying by your side. Not every treat needs to be food-based, either. Sometimes allowing them to linger and sniff an interesting smell is ample reward for a curious pup.

Teach your dog eye contact

Getting your dog’s attention can sometimes be tricky, but it is possible. One way is to teach them to make eye contact with you and acknowledge your presence. Eye contact is also beneficial for your relationship. 

You can overcome any reluctance by making it a positive experience. Call your dog’s name, say “look,” and draw attention to your eyes by pointing. Reward them every time they complete the task.

Play the hide-it game with your dog

Playing the hide-it game is a fun version of fetch and will teach your pet how to differentiate from other objects and encourage memory retention.

Hide your dog’s favorite toys around the house, and then ask them to find it for you. You may need to involve treats when you start this game initially, and it can be tricky at first.

Exercise with an agility course

An agility course can be just the ticket for the dog who needs to exercise its mind and body. You don’t need to spend an arm and a leg on obstacles anymore. In fact, you can set something up in your backyard using what’s at hand or splurge and buy a few simple pieces.

Make earning a treat fun

You can act like a dog trainer by trying these exercises with your pet and providing them with fun and treats.

Earning treats should be fun for you and your pet. Dogs are eager to please, so give them a chance to impress you by teaching them fun commands like shake, sit, roll over, and more.

Before You Go

Remember, training exercises with your dog should be fun for both of you. Pick activities that are not only mentally stimulating but enjoyable and help you bond.