Comparing Commercial Property Insurance Quotes Online

Commercial Property Insurance

When it comes to buying commercial property insurance in Canada, it always pays to shop around. Shopping online helps business owners choose a policy that fits their business and save money. , it is quite surprising that many small business owners are not aware of the online availability of commercial property insurance quotes. Hence, they don’t search for these quotes online and are not able to realize their benefits and earn big savings. Since commercial property insurance prices can vary widely from insurer to insurer, it makes sense to compare rates and get the best deal.

Tactics to find the cheapest commercial property insurance rates in Calgary and saving money for your business

Below are 4 tactics that you will find useful as a business owner:
1. Always shop around before buying an insurance policy:
The market is dynamic and for the same coverage, you will find that different insurers will charge different rates. Therefore, if you are keen to save money on commercial property insurance, then you have to shop around for the best rate.

2. Ask for a customized coverage:
It is a best practice to share all relevant details about your commercial property in order to ensure that you get appropriate coverage for your property and pay only for the coverage that you need.

3. Reduce the risk factors associated with your business:
Lower the risk profile of your business as insurers charge lower rates on commercial property insurance when they find that business owners have taken steps to mitigate safety and security risks. These steps include installing a high-quality security system, locating your business on a safe street, and ensuring that all equipment and operations meet industry safety standards.

4. Enjoy benefits of a group rate
You can enjoy special group insurance rates if your business is part of an association or a guild or any other trade body.

Steps involved in getting an online commercial property insurance quote in Calgary

By following this step-wise approach you can get yourself an excellent deal:

a) Select the appropriate portal and fill up the web form with particulars about yourself and your business such as first name, last name, email, phone number, industry and postal code

b) Next, fill up details of your employees such as their name, ages, qualifications, social security number, address, and their date of joining your employment.

c) In the third step, choose the commercial property insurance policy that you prefer and the additional cover options that you would like to opt for.

d) In the fourth step, detailed questions about your business are asked.

e) In the subsequent step, you are presented agreements

f) On acceptance of the agreement, you are presented with multiple online quotes for your commercial property insurance and you are able to select the quote that best meets your needs and your budget.

Benefits of getting an online commercial property insurance quote in Calgary
The biggest benefit to business owners is the fact that they get the best deal in the market. Secondly, they get quotes from numerous insurers in the industry and can select one who has the best reputation and highest level of customer satisfaction.

Another benefit is that their insurance broker is able to share related information to them about the trends in the industry and past history of the insurer. This influences the decision-making process and facilitates the choice of the right insurer.


If you are based in Calgary, then it is a best practice to choose a company that can guide you in purchasing the best commercial property insurance by sharing with your feedback on the comparative quotes that you have received online based on the request that you have placed on the portal. They will be able to guide you through the maze of insurance jargon and nuances of the industry so that you get the best deal.

Beneficial Insurance Solutions is one such agency that meets these criteria. It is an independent company based in Calgary that serves business owners with consulting and insurances solutions that are customized to their needs and meet their budget