Top 12 Parody Movies on HBO Max You Must Watch

Parody Movies on HBO Max

There is an entire list of parody movies on HBO Max. All of them are equally funny and some act as chicken soup for the adult soul as well. Parody movies encompass a variety of pop culture references, include iconic moments and have iconic dialogues as well. All of them mesh together to create a wonderful effect on the reader. They also happen to act as a mirror for the society at large. One might even call such movies a sort of cultural commentary. Sit back and enjoy while we regale you with this list. 

The Cabin in the Woods

The list begins with a strange and horrifying movie from 2011. We can use the term “buckets of gore” literally for them as The Cabin in the Woods will satisfy your urges. A group of teenagers decide to spend the weekend in an isolated cabin where they have encounters with something weird and supernatural. At the same time, a bunch of mysterious men in a lab are secretly controlling the monsters and perils that fall upon the teenagers. Some scenes from the movie have now become memes and iconic moments in cinematic history. 

This is The End

A fine masterpiece of a movie that will definitely open your eyes. It is as much a philosophical banter as an exploration of the apocalypse. A comedian arrives in Canada to meet his friend who is throwing a party for several celebrities and actors of the day. However they are struck by the apocalypse beginning just then. When a sinkhole opens right in the yard of the house and several people are killed, the friends try to make sense of what precisely is going on in the world. The movie is loud and brash and deeply philosophical.

Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story

If you have a particular liking for comedies and musicals then you can try this one. It tells us the story of a fictionalized musician named Dewey Cox who also happens to rise from humble beginnings and reach the forefront of fame. His life is then filled with wild adventures and heartbreaks and a lot of other stuff. Dewey also meets rock and roll sensations of the time like Elvis Presley and The Beatles. That alone should be considered the pinnacle of achievement on his part. Watch this movie if you prefer such character stories. 

Mars Attacks!

This is a movie by the master of fantasy and weird fairytales Tim Burton. The President of the United States learns of an alien invasion and prepares for a meeting with said aliens. Nothing good comes of it and humans soon start feeling the wrath of the extraterrestrials very keenly. But once again when all out war breaks out between the humans and the aliens we only ask ourselves one question. Did the aliens attack us because they wanted to or did we provoke them into doing this. The movie is a fun and wacky ride into the science fiction genre. 

Scary Movie

Scary Movie has both an interesting plot and one of the most iconic characters in the history of horror cinema. It also has the first in the long line of similar premises. A group of friends drive over and kill a man. One year later they are all stalked by a strange serial killer wearing the mask of Ghostface. Sounds too much of a coincidence? You need to watch the movie for his incredible commentary on fast paced lives and the lack of morality in so called civilized society. It is really magnificent. 

Vampires Suck

This movie is a very dedicated parody of the world famous novel Twilight which spawned a variety of sequels and prequels. Becca is a troubled teenager who moves into a sleepy little town with her cop father. There she meets the very handsome vampire Edward Sullen and falls in love with him. But at the same time she also falls for a rugged, muscular werewolf by the name of Jacob White. By now you must have understood that it is a point by point parody of the famous movie. You must watch the movie to understand it completely. 

Epic Movie

Once again a classic movie from the late noughties hits the list and regales us all with its wacky quality. Epic Movie takes something from every pop culture movie in the decade including The Chronicles of Narnia and The Pirates of the Caribbean. We have a bunch of kids who meet the crazed Willy Wonka in his factory and escape somehow, traveling to Gnarnia where the evil White Bitch is holding an entire nation captive. This is not your typical grandma’s tale mixed with a dose of violence. This is parody in the truest sense when parodies did not offend people so easily. 

Date Movie

Like all great parodies, Date Movie is a very deliberate spoof of all romantic movies in the world. This also happens to be a classic. Julia is an overweight woman who works at her father’s diner and believes she will never find love because of her weight issues. But then suddenly she meets the perfect British man named Grant who seems to be her Prince Charming. It appears Julia is going to live her perfect life now. However no ceremony ever gets ahead without its share of hiccups. You need to watch the entire movie to understand. 

Meet The Spartans

We all have seen the epic historical movie 300 about the iconic last stand between Spartans and Persians. But the movie also has its own parody where Leonidas leads his famed warriors into a dance face off with the finest hip hop artists from Persia. At the same time Xerxes is an obese man who eats peanuts and shoots errant slaves with his very anachronistic pistol. The scenes are incredibly hilarious and you need to watch it to understand the sheer level of absurdity that had gripped the cinema industry at that time. 

Johnny English

This British-French comedy film stars the very popular and affable Rowan Atkinson in the role of Johnny English. As the movie progresses you can easily tell that it is a parody of the James Bond movies. We step into the shoes of a bumbling British spy who happens to solve some of the most dangerous cases in the world through his weird, wacky activities. Somehow he always manages to come out on top of people who are far more skilled and dangerous than him. The movie is a classic example of how spy movie parodies used to work. 

The Starving Games

The Starving Games is a movie straight from the golden age of parodies. This one is a parody of the very popular The Hunger Games starring Jennifer Lawrence among a variety of cast members. In the parody we also get to see Harry Potter and his friends participate in a bloody game of chance in the movie. The entire plot is hilarious and has a lot of iconic events from the movie which is then used in a strange manner. Watch it and get a full glimpse of the way parodies were made back in the day. 

Robin Hood: Men in Tights

This is a classic from all the way back in the 1990s. Robin Hood is the fearsome archer of Nottingham but he is also a merry, wacky man who leads a band of similarly attired men. The characters are all petty caricatures of the legendary outlaws and there is a scene where Robin shoots something called a Patriot Arrow that seeks out warm targets even if they are hiding behind walls. The movie also features scoped crossbows and many such funny anachronistic weapons. You need to watch it to get a full idea of the parody element.

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