3 Pieces of Advice to Remember if You are Choosing Sparkly Prom Dresses

Sparkly Prom Dresses

Blake Lively, Taylor Swift, Camilla Cabello, and the list can go on! Every celebrity on different occasions has donned sparkly sequins once in their life. And just when the prom day is knocking on the door, a shimmering dress can be a perfect choice. Let the Hollywood glam do the talking while you go forward to winning the title. The one little problem is that you have never experimented with sequins before.

The first rule for the prom dress is that the gown should be bold, sophisticated, and eye-catching. Hence, sequins may be the best choice for going over-the-top or keeping things low key. It is better to go over a few tips just before making the final decision. Even if you are putting sequins off the lists, the tips will show the right path. So, go through the following tips and deck up just like a princess at prom.

Keep up the Elegant Sparkle

If it is the prom, the stakes are always high. You are going to compete with the top fashionistas of the school. So, the dress should match the elite and upscale style. There are many options the sparkly prom dresses weaving a touch of magic in every opportunity. For elegant affairs like the prom, you should ditch the minis and embrace the long gowns. Understanding how difficult it gets to twirl around the dance floor, the long gowns have sexy side slits. There is a touch of glamour and this is what you want at a formal event.

Be Sure of it before Wearing

Prom is never about the outlandish dressing but the elegant outfits. The ensemble should be appropriate for the formal party as well. If you want to get a killer look just like the Hollywood celebs, you need to be confident about what you are wearing. Excessive sequins can kill the mood instead of giving you a killer look. On top of it, many young girls are conscious about trying sequins because they seem to be too flashy for them. For sporting sequins like a pro, confidence is the main key. Beginners can try the pastel shades instead of trying red or other bright colors in the first attempt. When you are confident in carrying it out, nobody can stop you from being the Prom Queen.

Keep the Silhouette in Mind

Sequins can be a game-changer but the silhouette plays a huge role. If you are thinking of wearing an itty-bitty sequins dress, you should put it back in the closet. Keep things minimalist and choose A-line dresses. Mermaid dresses are trending the market and the silhouette adds an oomph-factor as well. However, you should take a long look in the mirror before finalizing the dress style. If you have an apple-shaped body, you can try the empire cuts. Again, the hourglass-shaped beauties can flaunt A-line dresses because the style hugs their body well.

Go for Subtle Makeup

Did you know sparkly dresses have been widely used by the stage performers as their costumes? For the performers, subtle makeup has been out of the syllabus. However, the formal party calls for sophistication. If you can maintain subtle makeup, you will look ethereal with the sparkly prom gown. So, keeping the makeup as low key as possible is the way to shine under the spotlight.

Sparkly dresses are all about less is more. Prom is going to be the first party in your life and you should go easy on the sequin item. So, why not bring on the party mode by choosing something like maroon prom dresses from the latest collection? Keep the sparkle on!

Author bio: Sandra Moore is a fashion blogger who loves helping out the young girls with maroon prom dresses. Here, she talks about three important things to keep in mind before putting on sparkly prom dresses on the big day.