How Much Does It Usually Cost to Build a Pool?

How Much Does It Usually Cost to Build a Pool

Last year was an extraordinarily good year for swimming pool contractors. Municipal pool and beach closures coupled with stay-at-home recommendations mean they experienced unprecedented demand for their services.

By May 2020, demand for pools surged by 200% above the norm, leaving contractors scrambling for enough time to satisfy their clients. 

Are you one of these homeowners desperate to enjoy the benefits of your own private oasis? Then you’re probably wondering about the cost to build a pool.

What’s Involved in Swimming Pool Cost?

There are two main types of pools available on the market today. These are above ground and inground pools. Both offer considerable benefits for homeowners.

You’ll pay more to install an inground pool and you can’t take it with you when you move. However, you’ll encounter size restrictions and fewer design options when it comes to above-ground pools. 

If you opt for all the bells and whistles, you could pay as much as $150,000 for an in-ground pool, while a basic above-ground pool costs as little as $1,000.

These are the factors that you need to consider when building your pool:


The costs of excavating your site start at around $1,000 for a small pool. That is if heavy machinery can access your backyard easily. 

When you add complications like tree removal to the process, you’ll pay more.

Type of Pool Material

You can choose to install a concrete, fiberglass, or vinyl-lined pool. Vinyl’s the cheapest option for pools at about $35,000, followed by fiberglass, and then concrete tops the price list at $50,000.

All three options have their pros and cons. Concrete and vinyl-lined pools offer endless opportunities for customization, but you’ll need to refurbish them every 10 to 15 years.

The drawback with fiberglass pools is that they come in pre-molded shapes. This limits customizability and you’ll need a crane to get the form into your yard.

Pool Equipment

Most contractors include the price of fitting pumps and filters in their installation costs. If you were to install them separately, costs range from $700 to $2,200.

A salt chlorinator can set you back $800 and $1500. You will save on operational costs though. A season’s supply of salt costs around $30 compared to about $180 for chorine. 

Extras For Your Pool 

If you’ve watched your share of home improvement shows, you’ll know there are few limits to the customizations you can add to your pool.

Decks, fountains, slides, and lighting all cost extra. How much more depends entirely on your needs. 

Paying For Your Pool

If you can’t afford to pay cash for your pool, you can get a home improvement loan from your bank.

Otherwise, you can find finance companies listed on reputable pool builders’ websites. Try,, or   

Is it Worth the Cost to Build a Pool?

Besides the cost to build a pool, you should also take factors like maintenance and repairs into consideration. However, most homeowners agree that a pool is a priceless addition to their homes.

Pools offer endless opportunities for family bonding and mingling with friends. Regular swimming sessions help you stay in shape and nothing compares to relaxing in cool waters, cocktail in hand, at the end of a long, hot day.

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