How to Find Out What Utility Company Services an Address

Utility Company Services an Address
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No matter if you are renting a property, purchasing a home, or selling a property, it’s important to understand which utility companies service an address and the utility options available to you. You will need this information as you set up or discontinue utility services in addition to reviewing which utility companies you may want to use around your property.

The process of discovering which utility companies service an address might be confusing, which is why we’re here to help. Review our article for information on methods to find out what utility company services an address so you can get research for your property started the right way.

Why Discover Which Utility Companies Are Available at a Certain Address?

It’s important to discover which utility company services an address because you will need to set up utility services as you move in, discontinue them as you move out, or manage your utilities as a property owner or landlord. 

You will also want to find out this information in the case that multiple utility companies exist in your area and provide varying services at differing rates. Choosing the utility company and service plan that works best for you is essential when it comes to budgeting and maximizing your day-to-day lifestyle.

In some cases, only certain utility companies are available to provide services due to contracts and location limitations. It’s important to find this out so you don’t accidentally use a different provider and get locked into a contract or have to pay lots of hefty fees.

Methods to Find the Utility Company That Services an Address

The following methods will help you easily find the utility company that services a specific address, so you can learn about the property’s utilities and make an informed decision as necessary.

Visit City Hall

The city hall or municipal office in your city or county will often have the information about utilities that you need to know. Most likely, you will be able to find out information about utility providers in your area via one of these facilities’ websites, or you can call and ask a staff member about where to find utility information. It’s a good idea to also check county services websites for more detailed utility information and to check if you have a choice of utility provider.

Check With Your Landlord or Lease

If you’re moving into a rented property, the chances are high that your landlord, leasing agency, or other rental agency has listed the utility service provider you need to use on your lease. In many cases, the property you are moving into has contracts with these leasing agencies and they will be the only utility provider you are able to use. Contact your landlord or rental agency for more information.

Utilize Online Search Tools

Online search tools such as InMyArea provide an overview of utility company providers that might be available in your area. 

To use this search tool, or others like it, you will need your zip code and maybe the full address of the property you are researching. From there, run the search and browse the utility company offerings that may be available to you. Double-check this information with any leasing information or city hall information that you can gather about which utility companies service an address.

Reverse Address Lookup Tool

A reverse address lookup tool, like this one,  is a great way to find out information about which utility companies service an address, especially if you are just browsing properties to move into and don’t have that much information about leases. 

Add the address that you are researching into the search tool, run a search, and review all of the publicly available information about the address. From there, you can navigate and search further until you find which utility companies service, or have historically serviced, the address.

Discovering Your Utility Information

Figuring out which utility company services an address is an important part of researching properties to move into, selling a home, or buying a property. This information is essential to your daily life as you live in any property, and you will need to make sure you are informed of the utility companies available to you if you want to make the best decisions about services. Use the methods listed in our article to easily find all the utility information you may need.

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