How To Reset iPhone With Precision?

how to reset iPhone
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Many people tend to wonder how to reset iPhone. It is something natural to wonder about because many people these days possess an iPhone. It is a huge status symbol to reckon with. People find the device intriguing and naturally in large numbers go on to purchase it.

Whenever you purchase an electronic gadget, you will surely have certain queries associated with it. That is why it is very common to wonder how one can reset iPhone with due diligence. 

So if you possess an iPhone, surely such questions might be there in your mind. Do not worry as there are many other people who have no clue about this aspect. So keeping in mind how much popular an iPhone is and how many people tend to use it, we shall here discuss the process of resetting it with precision.

Read on and follow all the steps discussed properly. Then only you will get clarity and success in your endeavor. 

Understanding factory setting 

Understanding factory setting 
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Before going on to discuss how to rest iPhone 11, it is important to understand what the factory setting is in the first place. It means the deletion of everything. So all your personal aspects will be deleted and the phone will start from the beginning. 

It is as if a state of blank beginning to reckon with. It goes without saying that you will need a proper backup of your data in this case. So let us then go on to discuss the steps for those who are wondering how to factory reset iPhone.

Backup your data

Your data matters the most. There are many important aspects in anyone’s data and your data will not be an exception. It will include a range of photos and videos and so on. Naturally, these are very important nostalgic elements to reckon with. You should reckon with it carefully. 

So before going on to resetting your phone, ensure that there is a proper backup at large. Thus it will prevent you from losing the data permanently. So do focus on this aspect with diligence.

With iCloud, you can easily backup your data. All you have to do after completing everything is just log in with your respective credentials. You will then get back everything easily.

You can also use Fonetool to backup all your contacts. This is another option to consider here.

Reset phone to factory settings
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Reset phone to factory settings

You can do this directly. The sequence you have to follow is Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Select Erase All Content and Settings. Then you must go on to enter your password. Follow the instructions which are present there to finish the entire process.

You can also use iTunes for this purpose. Start your personal computer. Then connect your device to it. Always ensure that you have the latest version of iTunes. Then follow the following sequence, Select your iPhone > Click Summary > Click Restore iPhone. You must click on restore to confirm.

Full backup option

For those who are wondering how to ensure a full reset without losing anything, you can do that with the FoneTool option. From music to apps and different types of settings, you can back up anything you wish to. 


Thus there are certain important steps that you must follow if you wish to factory reset your iPhone. We explored those steps sequentially here. Do not forget about backup at any time.

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