3 Easy Weekend DIY Projects

DIY Projects

Owning a home is a great investment because homes are one of the few purchases that can be resold at profit. Most things wear down and depreciate, some, like cars, by as much as half in a day.

Homes can be improved to increase value. Many of these value-adds aren’t difficult, you can knock out a few easy weekend DIY projects and wind up with a significant increase in resale value. 

Easy Weekend DIY Projects

Multiple sources confirm that making some changes to the exterior landscaping boosts value. That said, this article focuses on tasks that can be dealt with in a few days, and most landscaping is an ongoing task.

So, no need to overthink it, a bit of planning, a run to the local hardware store, and some simple instructions are all you need for these three projects.

1. Crown Molding

Crown molding is easy to plan for and simple to add. These baroque features add texture to a room and break up flat features.

Select a molding that you like, measure and cut it to size, and then install it with a few blasts of the nail or staple gun.

If you want the molding to complement the wall color, you can purchase pre-painted or give it a coat yourself. It’s best to let the molding dry before installation to avoid sticky spots.

2. Garage Door Repair

Putting in a new door is best left to professionals, the weight of a door is a non-trivial thing. 

For maintenance, you have plenty of options. Lubing the tracks and hinges is a simple matter of getting some canned silicon or graphite and spraying it into the joints.

For a door that has been closing unevenly or sticks while lowering, you’ll want to ensure the runners are not clogged. Fro this,  you detach the door from the motor, pull it up halfway, brace it, and then look for debris inside the track.

With the door partially up, you have enough room to find and push out problems. If you have a caster outside the rail, bend the rail with a hammer, push the caster in, and then tap the rail back into place. 

And you can hit an article online if you need some extra help with programming the garage opener.

3. Paint and Finishes

Sometimes a wall needs a solid scrub. The same grease and mildew that accumulate in the kitchen and bathrooms can drift into every other room over time.

Instead of painting or replacing the wallpaper (both equally good options) you can try to mix up a good bucket of warm water and scrub top to bottom.

This is a good excuse to move around some decorations and beats a trip to the gym with many of the same results. 

Get More

As you see, it doesn’t take a lot to get started on one of these easy weekend DIY projects. 

You might not tackle the whole house with a fresh attack in a day, but you can hit a room and be in great shape before the seasons change. 

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