19th April Events: Enjoy Some Special Events Today

19th April Events

Every day of the month of April is special in some way or the other. All the party-loving people love to celebrate the month of April in various ways. For example, it’s the month of Ramadan, and also this month has some wonderful events, such as The April Fools. However, there are a lot of events that are quite underrated. 

Take, for instance, National Banana Day, which is today, on the 19th of April. Moreover, we also have some more events on this day, such as National Hanging Out Day, National Garlic Day, and more. 

So, if you are a person who loves to celebrate or observe these special events on a given day, then you are at the right place. Just like every time, we will share all the events that people celebrate on the 19th of April. Well, without further ado, it’s time to dig into this article and find out about the events of this particular day in the month of April. 

Here Are The Special Events To Celebrate On The 19th Of April

As we mentioned earlier, 19th April has some of the best events in the USA. It’s not only famous for National Banana Day and National Garlic Day but also for National Hanging Out Day. So, it’s worth noting that apart from these events, there are a lot more celebrations to do on this day. If you want to know more about these events, then without further ado, it’s time to dig into this article and find out for yourself. 

National Banana Day

1. National Banana Day

Are you a Banana lover, or someone who loves to eat Banana for their breakfast? Then it’s time to make this day even more special. So, let us tell you that National Banana Day is an event when we celebrate bananas in every possible way. Celebrating National Banana Day is pretty easy and fun. Every month we have some special fruit-based events. So, on 19th April, we celebrate Bananas. 

If you want to celebrate National Banana Day to its fullest, then you could make a Banana treat. There are varieties of dishes that can be prepared with Banana as the chief ingredient. For example, you can make Banana Split, Banana Bread, Banana cake, and many more delicious fishes. Of course, you could also eat a banana for your breakfast. Last but not least, you could also host a Banana party and invite your friends & close ones. 

2. Bicycle Day

Give your four-wheelers a day’s rest and bring out the cool bicycles. 19th April is popular as Bicycle Day as well. As we know, carbon emission is increasing global warming at an alarming rate. So, how about giving cars a rest for a single day? The bicycle is not only one of the best inventions that mankind has made but also an efficient one. Moreover, you could also have some exercise by using a bicycle for a day. To celebrate this event, you could take a bicycle trip with your friends and family. 

Bicycle Day

3. National Garlic Day

National Garlic Day is quite a famous event to celebrate on the 19th of April. So as we know, a touch of Garlic can enhance the flavors of a dish. If you want to observe this day as National Garlic Day, then you could read some trivia about garlic. Moreover, you could also make dishes using a touch of garlic. 

National Hanging Out Day

4. National Hanging Out Day

Hanging out your clothes outside to dry them off is a practice that almost everyone on this planet does on a regular basis, right? Of course, we could go to a laundry to wash and dry them off. However, there’s a different feeling when we hang our clothes outside. So, we have a special day for this particular practice. On this day, you could help the environment and extend the life of your attires by line drying. 

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