Some Small Extras For Your Home Office That Are Worth Investing In

Extras For Your Home Office

Looking to spruce up your home office space? Perhaps all you need is a few little extras! Sometimes it can be hard to think outside the box and that is why your office space may seem dull. Sometimes a simple desk, chair, and the computer doesn’t cut it, and with the majority of your day spent in the home office, you want to ensure that this space is as inviting and exciting as a workspace can be. Let’s jump into some small extras for your home office that can make all the difference in improving your work routine.  

Bluetooth keyboard 

Cables equal clutter, and yes clutter can be extremely annoying in a working environment. Did you also know that clutter relates to lower output in your work? Invest in a Bluetooth keyboard for a sleek and ultra-modern desk look while also minimising the possibility of getting tangled up in excessively long cables that cause clutter.  

Small desk plant  

It is a known fact that plants lead to increased productivity, and why wouldn’t you want a cute little cactus or snake plant sitting on your desk!? Plants are one of the inexpensive and small extras for your home office that you for sure want to have in your workspace. Even when you have a mind blank several times throughout the day, it can be soothing and aesthetically pleasing to admire your desk plant.  


Excessive eating and drinking are natural when it comes to working from home, which can umm, be either a good or a bad thing. After all, your kitchen is right on your doorstep in the home office and there is no need to access shops like you would in the public office. The cups of teas, coffees, hot chocolate, and full-fat juice will be flowing! Purchase a small packet of coasters. Trust us, you will thank us when you avoid staining on the surface of a new desk. Repurchase a new desk or invest a few pounds into a packet of coasters? We know what we would rather do! 

A heater 

Depending on the temperature of your home throughout the day, you may want to invest in a smaller heater to keep just underneath your desk. Your office environment may not be the warmest, and if you are anything like us, you can become easily distracted or agitated when your body temperate is low. Especially when your frosty fingertips are constantly hitting against the keyboard, a heater is a great investment.  

Room spray 

As disgusting as it may seem, sometimes working at home can find you falling into an unhygienic and effortless routine. Some employees can simply find themselves rolling out of bed, and straight down to the computer to start the day ahead, and yet, they don’t even bat an eyelid at the fact they haven’t even showered or brushed their teeth! Even if you aren’t the cleanest version of yourself, make sure that your office space is! A room spray will freshen up your office space, and maybe it will make you feel cleaner too! 

A suitable bracket for your TV 

If you have a TV in your office space, that remains on a surface, invest in a bracket to wall mount it. Not only will this utilise surface space, but it will allow the TV to look sleeker when condensed discretely against the wall. Choosing a suitable bracket may be slightly confusing as it must be compatible with the TV, so you may want to contact a professional to assist. Click here for TV wall mounting services.  

Stationery set  

Having stationery at hand in the office space is extremely beneficial. You have never understood stress until you have taken a phone call, been asked to jot some information down, to then realise you don’t have a pen accessible. The stress is real! Therefore, to ensure that you are never caught out again, keep a small stationery set at arm’s length, including pens, pencils, erasers, rulers, and anything else that may benefit you in your role. Be careful not to overdo it, too much stationery can cause clutter and can quite simply get in your way.  

Desk pad  

A desk pad is one way to make you feel more organised. Not only does this map out your workspace on a surface, however, it also acts like a mouse pad, without the mouse pad part! Desk pads can be purchased in a variety of colours meaning that you can select your favourite colour or design to inject a pop of colour into the space.  

Add colourful canvases 

On the note of bright colours, it is no lie that they have a way of brightening anyone’s mood. Improve the interior of your office space by placing some colourful canvases on the wall. If you are feeling creative, you could even create your own. Head down to your local craft store and invest in some blank canvases and paint and start getting creative by creating your very own unique piece of artwork.  


Keep yourself organised and up to date with tasks by investing in a yearly planner and jotting down the tasks at hand each day. It can be common to find yourself easily distracted at home, specifically due to your surroundings, but it is important to put time checks in your planner to keep yourself on track throughout the working day. One of the small extras for your home office that can be purchased for as little as a few pounds!