All And Every Information About A Hair Pomade

hair pomade

Hair styling for men these days have become an art for the hair experts and stylists as it involves much creativity and art to bring out the perfect style and set the trend with new and unique styles. Nowadays people have options to select their hair styles according to their personality and opt for something that can sit them. In this selection, many brands and their hair styling products have played a hero role by increasing the demand of these hairstyles and providing stability and holding.

One of these important hair styling products is a hair pomade which not only help you to style your hair effortlessly but also maintain that look for longer period by providing great flexibility and texture to your hair. Getting a desired hairstyle is all people want these days to look stylish and classy, but getting one have also become easy these days due to the arrival of many hairstyling products mainly hair pomade.

What is hair pomade?

Hair pomade is one the best styling agents that is available in the substance that is waxy in nature and work greatly to help you to achieve all kinds of hairstyle in just a few minutes. It usually comes in the tow form which are water-based and petroleum-based but both works incredibly when it comes to provide best styling options top men. The best part of applying hair pomade is that it gives your hair more lustre and less hold so that you can reshape your hair at any time throughout the day. Though, it provides less hold but still manage to keep your in one palace without hardening it or letting it dry out. 

When hair pomade came as a styling solution?

The history of hair pomade goes back to 18th century when it first gets introduced to the hairstyling industry. Previously people used o apply petroleum jelly for the styling purpose and that where pomade found its way and in 1930 it marked the glory day of pomade in the hairstyling sector when it included petroleum in its formulation and provided to the masses in a wide quantity. From many important rooming brands have made this product accessible for people such as American Crew Hair Products also provides crew pomade for men to style their hair.

Different kinds of pomade

As mentioned earlier, there are usually two types of hair pomade available for us now which are petroleum-based pomade and water-based pomade. Both of them are widely used and very popular for styling purposes and still, both have some pros and cons which everyone needs to know. 

Petroleum-based hair pomade

This kind of pomade is usually treated as the classic one as it contains a traditional formula of including petroleum, grease, or other waxy substance in its formulation and comes in hard or solid form. As Petroleum-based pomade is a bit hard and waxy, it takes several washes to remove it completely as it doesn’t come out easily with just water. But it also the one that provides much shine and slickness as compared to the other one. 

Pros and cons 

  • It enables the re-styling of the hair for the entire day
  • Keeps your hair in it form for longer than the water-based pomade
  • Moisturized your hair thoroughly for the longer period
  • Delivers stronger and healthier hold for making your style look fabulous
  • Makes hair washing a tough uneasy chore by holding your hair tightly 
  • Due to the inability of washed out easily, it causes heavy product build up
  • Makes your hair look greasy and sticky due to not getting washed properly

Water-based hair pomade

Water-based pomades one of the massive and great choice in comparison to those greasy and oily pomades which leave product build-ups as they are easily washable and does not causes product build-ups. But as this pomade is water-based it makes your hair dry quickly which later needed water to reshape or style your hair in the remaining day. This is one of the widely used and remarked pomade that has taken the men grooming industry by storm.

Pros and cons

  • Makes the washing or removal of it on the hair quite easy and effortless
  • Provide immense and long-lasting hold and texture to your hair
  • In whichever quantity you apply this pomade, it never makes your hair greasy
  • Does not provide any side effects such as acne and other skin problems
  • Provide less shine to hair than wax-based pomades
  • Very quickly dries out your hair and scalp which makes it less appealing
  • Does not makes your easy to re-comb by becoming hard and sticky

How to use a hair pomade correctly?

Usually hair pomade is applied on the towel-dried or damp hair to set your hair accordingly and easily. Just take a minimal amount of pomade on your fingers and apply it rightly by shaping your hair just as you want. 

Well, there are many brands that provide hair pomade these days to increase their business and provide their customers all the options for styling. One of these is American Crew Pomade which is greatly in demand and provide amazing result.