Why Cameron Diaz Walked Away From Her Career?

Cameron Diaz
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Cameron Diaz is no longer in the acting industry, and Cameron Diaz post has become viral. She is probably one of the most familiar faces in the business. We saw her in several big-budget blockbusters over the years, especially in Knight and Day, The Mask and Bad Teacher.

Her talent is unmistakable, and her big smile still has the capability of melting hearts. Wherever she went, people fell head over heels in love with her. There was simply something wonderful about her, something heartwarming and soothing. And Diaz selected her scripts with care. All films are worth watching again and again. 

What Precisely Happened?

But then, she simply walked away from the cinema forever. Nobody knows what exactly happened. Her last project was way back in the year 2014, and since then, she has appeared in some red-carpet events and other high-end events but not in a movie. Diaz remained mum about her reasons for quitting the film industry but recently opened up to her best friend Gwyneth Paltrow, on In Goop Health: The Sessions. 

We got a look at why the famous celebrity made the hard decision to leave the very world that she once thrived. Paltrow broached the topic gingerly and asked Diaz her reasons for quitting. Diaz responded that she had to walk away for a very variety of reasons. Moreover, the most prominent reason for detaching herself from the industry was mental peace. In her own words, she wanted to take care of herself and her soul, and her frantic involvement in the industry was not letting her do it. 

What Precisely Happened?
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To Heal and Mend

For her part, Diaz acknowledged the fact that her reasons were not fathomable for a lot of young people. Indeed, as reasons go, this is prudent but a strange one. Not a lot of people will understand or respect the fact that a person with everything she could dream of simply dropped everything and ended things. 

But once again, Diaz does have another logical reason for this. She was one of the most prolific actresses of her time and worked 24/7 at one point in time. There was tremendous pressure on her to perform in a professional capacity, and both directors and fans demanded plenty from her. She explains that to keep working at that capacity required a lot of energy, and Diaz simply did not have enough to keep up after a time. Come to think of it now; it is quite a valid statement. 

To Heal and Mend
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After a few years of hectic work, Diaz stopped and looked at what she was doing with her life. And she got a few clear insights into her career. Furthermore, she realized that when she was acting in a movie, the filmmakers completely owned her. The actors had to be there at their beck and call for as long as they wanted, without any time for anything else.

There was nothing called personal life anymore for them. And for Diaz, this was a big blow since she had a lot of responsibilities in her life, and not having enough time did not suit her plans. So finally, she put her foot down and decided to take back control over her life again. 

But we guess it is a good decision on her part since it means she can now focus on mending her life in peace. Something which she could not do back when she was in the industry. 


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