How to Pick the Perfect House Plant for Positive Energy

How to Pick the Perfect House Plant for Positive Energy

House Plant is necessary to have a positive vibe in the space where you live for leading a happy life. And for that, there are plants out there which are capable of bringing forth positivity in home. House plants can limit negative energy and can give a new sense of being. Rather than using plants only for décor accessories, try using them to bring more positivity to your home.

But before you buy that ‘perfect’ house plant, you need to assess certain things. After that, you can choose a plant that suits your needs.

Temperature and lighting are the 2 most important factors you should look into before deciding the type of plant you want. Some plants need bright light without direct sunlight. So, if the room is east, west, or south then it is good. But if it’s facing north, you might have problems with plants like cacti.

On the other hand, colder months with fluctuating temperatures are problematic for the plants. Most plants do survive such conditions, but certain types can die as a result of temperature changes. Make sure you choose a plant according to your circumstances.

  • Level of maintenance

There are plants which require constant attention, while many of them are easy to grow and maintain. Some even have good tolerance levels, enabling you to leave it unattended if such circumstances arise.

House plant for positive energy

Though there are many house plants available for getting positive energy, each plant has additional added features. Some can improve peace in the family, while others can bring love and happiness. Below are some of the widely bought house plants along with their speciality.

  • Peace lily

It is believed that the peace lily can boost the physical, mental, and spiritual prosperity of a person. It can improve the flow of energy inside the home by purifying the air and removing harmful indoor gases. It also boosts confidence and serenity. Practically, it can remove the mould present in the air and reduce the level of formaldehyde which can cause cancer.

This plant is capable of adapting its growth in dark or shaded environments. You can place them in the bedroom because they promote restful sleep and a sense of tranquillity.

  • Jasmine

If you want to boost positive energy especially in relationships, then jasmine is a good choice. They are known for their calming smell which gives a soothing experience. The plant attracts positive energy which builds and strengthens romance.

Place this House Plant near a south-facing window for better results.

  • Rosemary

Rosemary can purify the air to keep home free from harmful toxins. They also promote physical and mental well-being. The smell of this plant can reduce your fatigue, fight anxiety, lighten your mood, and even treat insomnia.

Make sure to keep it a sunny spot and don’t overwater it.

  • Lucky bamboo

Lucky bamboo is a symbol of good fortune and prosperity. According to feng shui, this plant can influence vitality, life energy, and physical activity. This plant is low maintenance. So, you can just place it in a corner of your room with dim lighting.

  • Money plant

Also known as jade plant, this plant can help you to avoid anxiety and boost the level of oxygen in homes. Money plant produces positive energy which can attract good luck and fortune. It can be grown as a climber or trailer.

Just place the plant in a sharp corner to avoid negative thoughts. The shoot of the plant should point upwards for bringing health and prosperity to you.

The bottom line

Having a house plant for positive energy can seem a little thing, but it can a big difference in your life. Assess yourself on what kind of ‘perfect’ plant you need for positive energy.