Best Digital Publishing Solutions

Best Digital Publishing Solutions

We are living in an era where digital technology dominates every aspect of our lives. From smartphones to laptops from LED TVs to digital printers, almost all devices function on digital technology. This technology has completely transformed the way we communicate, do our daily tasks and consume several information.

In present times, the most portable and convenient digital technology is the smartphone. The easy accessibility of several applications, from checking e-mails to accessing social media handles have made smartphones attain enormous popularity among masses. Gone are those days when one had to rely on laptops and personal computers.  According to a website statista, there were about 2.53 billion smartphone users worldwide. This figure is expected to grow to 2.87 billion till 2020.

Thus, understanding this trend, the publishing industry has also witnessed a paradigm shift. With the increasing demand for the digital content, digital publishing has become inevitable. Today, the digital platforms, most importantly the mobile apps have become the key medium for different companies to promote their brand and services.

In this blog, we will be discussing different digital publishing solutions available in the market.


magplus is one of the most popular digital publishing solution used in the digital publishing industry. It would not be an overstatement to say that mag+ offers the most beautiful variety of themes for digital publications like the magazine, catalogue, brochure, newsletter presentation, eBook, newspaper, user manual etc. Almost all the multimedia elements like videos, images, transitions, comment box, like and subscribe buttons you name any can be added to the digital publication. All this is done with an InDesign plugin which they offer completely free of cost. Once the designing is complete, it can be downloaded in PDF format and reviewed on different devices for offline reading and can be made live with their hosting service.


Joomag is the largest provider of web-based publications. As an all-in-one digital publishing platform, they provide every tool and resources to help publishers transform their print publication to the digital publication. Their Crater‚ĄĘ Editor is a unique software that allows publishers to deliver persuasive and high impact content by incorporating several multimedia elements. Just like mag+ they also offer a variety of beautiful themes for different digital publications. They allow users to create, distribute and monetize their digital publication all through a single platform.¬†


Magloft is also one of the most popular digital publishing solutions. Their interface is quite a user friendly that eliminates the requirement of technological expertise for creating and publishing your content in the form of the mobile app. One can register to their account and only pay only when the e-Magazine or eBook is ready to be published. Their simple drag and drop visual editor allow publishing interactive content to the mobile app with ease. They also provide custom designed interactive apps that are suitable for both smartphones and tablets.


Pixel Mags offers a unique digital publishing solution. They have six easy steps for your content to get published digitally. You simply make an account and upload your content. Their automated algorithm understands the structure and flow of your content. Their software extracts and mark up all your elements into articles and eliminates everything else. Furthermore, there is also proofreading of the content along with Piracy Tracking. Finally comes selecting the newsstands for its distribution. This digital publishing solution is more of for magazines and eBooks with less customization.

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