How To Find Out Who Owns A Domain?

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Did you find the domain name as per your preference, and now you want to buy it? For this, you need to be aware of who actually owns the domain name. You can do it with the domain lookup tool by following the very simple procedure. This is done with the help of the Commerce hosting platforms. There are several best eCommerce hosting platforms available now; you can choose any you trust.

Get a complete guide on how to find who actually owns the domain name here in this article. You can follow the method with the eCommerce platform that suits your preference and ease the most.

Initiate the search with the Domain Lookup tool of the website hosting platform you prefer:

All the Top-Level-Domain or TLDs are registered on the domain lookup. From searching here, you can get basic details about the particular domain. These details include domain name management, private registration, email accounts, web hosting, and easy transfer procedure as well. Along with this, it will provide other relevant information such as who owns the domain, the domain name registrar, registration date, and any contact information that is accessible. From here, you can take further steps once after getting to know to whom the domain is registered. 

What to do if domain registration details are hidden? 

If the domain registration details are available on the domain lookup, then it is easy for you to follow up, but what if the information is hidden. Now what? 

Several domain registrars prefer to opt for domain privacy. With domain privacy, all the domain owner information gets hidden from all domain lookup searches. Now, if this is the case, then it can be a little difficult for you to know who actually owns the domain or the website. In this case, your registrar will follow up on the procedure. You can ask them to get your request further to the other registrar. Though the details about the domain owner are hidden, the details about the domain name registrar will always be available. Your registrar can contact another registrar in case information about the domain owner is hidden. 

You can email the domain registrar mentioning your interest in the particular domain they have registered. By doing so, there are more chances of mail ending in the spam folder. In this case, if their website is now live, then the best solution is really to immediately email the domain name owner using their website inquiry form.

This is how you can know the domain owner even if there is domain privacy protection on the website. Just make sure here you mention your interest in the domain with the specified reason, which can make the domain owner a little bit excited, and then they can further contact you. 


There is always a way to get success. Here if the domain owner details are easily accessible, then you can simply follow the procedure and get it done, but in case it is hidden, then the procedure can be a little lengthy, but it is very simple. Make sure to follow each step one by one.