What to Look for in a House Sitter

House Sitter

Are you planning an extended trip? Are you looking for someone trustworthy to watch your home while you’re away?

If so, you might consider hiring a professional house sitter. Some charge daily or weekly rates, while others are happy to stay at your place for free in exchange for caring for the property and pets.

Whatever financial arrangement you make, the most important thing is finding an honest, reliable individual. Here are four things you should look for in a good house sitter.

1. A Member of a House Sitter Agency

A professional house sitter will have a profile on a reputable site like Estatesitting.com. This includes important details about the person, including their location, hobbies, interests, and experience.

A huge benefit of going through an agency is you’ll know the sitter has been properly vetted. Most sites require sitters to get a police check or background check and submit it before their profile goes live. You can also read reviews from homeowners who’ve used the person in the past.

2. Excellent Communication Skills

When you think you’ve found a suitable candidate, reach out and schedule a phone call, video call, or meetup (if they’re already in your area). This is your chance to “feel them out” and see if they’re a good match for your property and pets.

Do you feel an instant rapport with the house sitter? Do they listen attentively when you speak and ask plenty of questions about your home and pets? Do they give satisfying, complete answers when you ask about their history and experience?

3. Respectful & Autonomous

You don’t want a house sitter who’s going to call you every five minutes — unless there’s a genuine emergency, of course.

You want to hire someone who’s capable enough to take care of minor things that come up around the house. The person should be handy enough to switch out a lightbulb, unclog a drain, and navigate your city without getting lost.

Most importantly, you want to be sure the house sitter is going to be respectful of your space and take care of your things as if they were their own.

4. Great With Animals & Plants

Many house sitters also double as pet sitters, so this is a huge factor to consider if you’re leaving your pet in their care. It goes without saying that they should be an animal lover, but they have to have the experience to back that up.

For example, have they owned cats and dogs before? What breeds are they the most familiar with? If you have larger farm animals (horses, cows, goats, etc), how much experience does the house sitter have with those species? After all, you don’t want to leave your 10-horse farm to someone who’s only ever cared for dogs!

If you have a garden or even a lot of houseplants, you’ll also want to find a sitter with a green thumb to ensure proper care of your “leaf babies” while you’re away.

Find the Perfect House Sitter for Your Home

Before you post a “House sitter needed!” ad, make sure you know exactly what to look for. Your best bet is to go through a professional house sitter agency so you know you’re getting an experienced and trustworthy individual.

House sitters aren’t the only topic on the table today. Keep browsing our blog for great advice about real estate, lifestyle, business, and more!