Things You Should Know Before Searching For SunTrust near me

SunTrust near me
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In recent times, internet searches about SunTrust near me is on the rise. However, given the reputation of SunTrust, this is more than expected. For those who do not know, SunTrust Capital V is a business trust in Delaware. In its formative period, the trust had the sole purpose of issuing preferred securities and investing in debentures.

The foundation of SunTrust goes back to 1891. According to certain sources, this company pays special attention to the graduates from Virginia Commonwealth University. In fact, a survey shows that 11.1% of the company’s total employees are from that particular university. In fact, on the list of  Best Companies to Work for in Atlanta, GA prepared by Zippia, this company stands at the fifth spot. However, when compared to its other competitors, the pay scale is slightly lower. Yet, it is one of the best workplaces. If you wish to know more about SunTrust, before typing SunTrust near me in the search box, then this article is the perfect stop for you. Keep reading this article to know more about this leading organisation. 

A Glimpse Of History

A Glimpse Of History
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The most direct corporate ancestor of SunTrust was founded on the 21st of September, 1891. The name of the organisation was the Trust Company of Georgia. The company then received a charter. This charter was received from Georgia General Assembly. John M. Green, Joel Hurt, H. L. Atwater, W. A. Hansell, T. J. Hightower, J. G. Oglesby, J. D. Turner, Joseph Hirsch, Leon Lieberman, Louis Wellhouse, A. J. McBride, D. O. Dougherty, W. A. Gregg, John B. Daniel, W. W. Draper, A. C. Hook, W. T. Ashford, George W. Brooke, C. I. Branan, and C. D. Montgomery.

The charter was granted for the Commercial Travelers’ Savings Bank of Atlanta. In 1892, the first statement by the organisation recorded an asset of 36,048.17. The reconstruction of this company as a trust took place in 1892. At that time, the name was changed to the Trust Company of Georgia.

Then, The People’s National Bank, the predecessor of the Sun Bank came into being in 1911. The Trust Company acquired the Continental Gin Company in 1926. Then after a series of ups and downs, the merger of the SunBanks and Trust Company of Georgia occurred in 1985. Then SunTrust Banks, Inc was formed. In fact, in 2001, the trust acquired one of Atlanta’s oldest and most important companies, Robinson-Humphrey Company. Finally, in 2019, SunTrust Bank merged into the banking unit of BB&T. 


Before searching for SunTrust near me, it is important to have an idea of the demographic data of the organisation. The total number of employees in this organisation is 22,899. Out of them, 56% belong to the White ethnicity, 18% are African Americans and 13% are Latino. Most of the employees are likely members of the Republican party. In addition, on average, an employee stays for 5 years at SunTrust. 

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Salary is yet another thing to consider before looking in the internet for SunTrust near me. The average salary of the employees is $44,515, a year. Therefore, this means $21.4 an hour. However, 10% of the employees at the bottom, receive $23,000 a year. On the other hand, SunTrust pays around $84,000 to the top 10% of its employees. The engineering and marketing jobs earn the most in SunTrust. 

In addition, at present, SunTrust has an annual revenue of $9.0 billion. Therefore, the ratio of revenue per employee is $393,030. 

Concluding Lines

These are a few things that you should keep in mind before searching for SunTrust near me.

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