Is Your Backyard Ready for Summertime?

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You might be ready for the hot weather, but is your backyard? Before planning your next barbecue or pool party, make sure your backyard has been properly prepared for the season. From checking your Automatic Pool Cleaners Parts to making sure the grill is ready, keep the summertime living easy by preparing beforehand with simple repairs and considerations.


If your grill stays outside year-round, you may need to perform maintenance before the first cookout of the season. All parts of the grill should be inspected for corrosion and leaks. The fuel tank should be checked for any imperfections since the worst dangers and hazards come from the fuel supply. Parts that have seen better days should be replaced before usage. If your grill has been kept inside during the winter, there will likely be less to fix and replace. But sometimes, it comes to the point where it’s more costly to do repairs than to buy a new grill. If you think you’re ready for a BBQ upgrade, we recommend checking out the grills on this website.


Opening the pool is many people’s sign that summer is finally here. Before opening the pool, be sure to check everything is in working order and there aren’t any filter parts that need replacing. To make summer easier, consider replacing your automatic pool cleaners parts before opening. An automatic cleaner will make the process of opening the pool easier but after a full winter of going unused, the parts may not be up to par. Checking ahead of time will avoid a major headache.


Depending on where outdoor furniture is stored during the winter, many pieces could need replacements. Even if they were kept indoors and in perfect condition, many homeowners like to spruce up the look of furniture for the new summer season. Whether you choose to replace the full pieces or update the upholstery, it can make a backyard feel brand new. This can create a feeling of an oasis or escape in your own home.


Summer nights are known for socialization. Without proper lighting in your backyard, this will be significantly more difficult. Lighting can also set the tone for social gatherings in backyards. Check light bulbs and wiring before the first night outside since corrosion and normal wear and tear can harshly affect light fixtures, even those that are designed to weather the elements.


Before working in the garden, check the area for signs of infestation. The worst way to find out about pests is through damage. Further, when sitting out back, pests make for an uncomfortable situation. There are products to repel insects but checking there isn’t a larger issue than mosquitoes flying in the air is imperative for successful summertime fun.


Watering, removing excess thatch, fertilizing, and mowing the lawn are important steps in creating a summer paradise. Grass should be cut at higher lengths approaching summer. This will keep the soil moist, leading to greener grass all season. Also, cutting more than one-third of the height of grass can cause damage. Frequently mowing the lawn during the spring will strengthen roots before the heat begins to affect the grass. Removing thatch is also important to ensure grass gets the right amount of sun and water.

Longer waterings are preferable over frequent sprinkles throughout the day. This is because it is important to penetrate deeply into the roots for the best grass health. Having healthier roots before summer helps against sweltering days and potential droughts. Depending on your specific grass, there are fertilizers that will also help. You might not be able to get your lawn as good as professionals in commercial landscape in NY, but you can get it looking great.

Getting your pool ready for the dog days of summer? Pogue Supply, originally a pool cleaning company, has the parts for the job. Order your parts today before the temperatures rise to ensure your backyard is summer ready for the first good weather days of the season.

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