10 Reasons You Should Bring Your Car to a Suspension Specialist

Suspension Specialist

A suspension specialist isn’t just someone who can fix your car’s suspension system. In fact, many times, it makes more sense to bring your car to an auto repair shop that specializes in suspension systems than to bring it to a dealership or general repair shop, even if the latter appears closer to you geographically or if you’re already familiar with it. 

Here are 10 of the many reasons you should consider bringing your car suspension problem to an auto shop that specializes in suspensions or you might want to check out https://www.pedders.com.au/ rather than trying to fix it on your own or taking it somewhere that doesn’t specialize in suspensions at all.

Flex disks

Flex disks are an easy, cheap fix for many suspension problems. They’re also one of those things most car owners don’t know they have or how to use. A flex disk is what shocks are attached to and act as shock absorbers; most vehicles have them on both wheels and they look like long metallic ribbon bands. 

If you notice that your vehicle bounces heavily after going over large bumps, it could be because of a loose or damaged flex disk. To solve your problem, take your car in to see a suspension specialist who can replace them at little cost.

Coil springs

Coil springs are what most drivers think of when they hear suspension system. The Coil springs work like giant, flexible Erector sets, with each rod in the coil assembly acting as an individual spring. 

Each of these rods pushes and pulls (bounces) with every bump in your car’s path. The goal of coil springs is to keep you riding smoothly over bumps and potholes by keeping you level with respect to your wheels at all times.


Shocks, or struts, are hardworking components of your car’s suspension system. They dampen vibrations and control spring movement as your wheels go up and down in motion. Since they’re constantly working at high speed, they’re susceptible to wear-and-tear and breakage, so it makes sense to bring them in for maintenance regularly especially if you feel bumps or dips in your ride. 

It doesn’t matter if you have factory-installed shocks or upgraded aftermarket ones; all kinds of shocks need regular maintenance from specialized technicians who know how to diagnose issues like air leaks and bad bushings. To ensure smooth operation with minimal risk of damage, work with an experienced suspension specialist.


If your car has struts, chances are you’re dealing with some pretty serious wear and tear. A strut is essentially a shock absorber for your car. There are two types of struts: coil and leaf. Leaf springs are found on older vehicles, while coil springs come standard on most modern cars; however, some companies use both coil and leaf springs. 

If you notice that either of these parts is starting to look thin, cracked or damaged in any way, it’s time to have it replaced immediately. Left untreated, struts can seriously affect your ability to maneuver your vehicle as well as braking distance so make sure they’re always in top shape before hitting the road!


Even if you don’t think your wheels are out of alignment, bring it in for an inspection. Misaligned wheels are dangerous and put unnecessary stress on tires, axles, and even entire vehicles. An expert will be able to tell immediately if something is wrong just by glancing at your car and tires. 

Even small misalignments can add up over time and cause damage that could have been prevented with one simple check-up. While you’re there, ask your mechanic about tie rod ends or strut mounts both can wear down with age and cause steering problems that alignments won’t fix.

Brake service

One of the most important things you can do for your car is keep it properly serviced. When you take your car in for routine service, an auto technician will inspect several key components that might seem unrelated but could cause you major problems down the road. Brake pads and rotors are just one example. 

If these parts wear out or get damaged, it could lead to costly repairs and even endanger your life on the road. An auto mechanic will be able to inspect them and make sure they’re still working properly so you don’t end up with an emergency.

Vehicle stabilization

If your vehicle is out of alignment, it might not be safe for you or those around you. Improper alignment can cause handling problems that can lead to an accident. A suspension specialist should perform regular checks on your vehicle’s alignment and make necessary adjustments before serious damage occurs. 

Besides getting repairs made, bringing your car in for regular maintenance helps keep your car from needing costly repairs in the future. Keeping up with preventive maintenance also helps improve gas mileage and extend engine life.

Wheel alignment

Your wheels are responsible for propelling your vehicle down the road. If they’re not aligned properly, you won’t be able to make it very far. When we say aligned, we mean that all four wheels are pointed straight ahead, and none of them point outward or inward (called positive or negative camber) when your vehicle is sitting still. 

Tie rods

Sometimes referred to as steering linkages, tie rods connect your vehicle’s steering wheel to its wheels and can help prevent an accident. They play an important role in maintaining control, especially when driving over rough terrain. 

Tie rod failure can cause your tires to lose contact with one another and, consequently, control of your car. That’s why it’s recommended you have them inspected regularly by a professional like those at Pedders.

Wheels balance and rotation

It’s important to check wheel balance and rotation about every 5,000 miles. If you notice your vehicle pulling when braking or going straight, that’s a sign that your wheels may be out of alignment. 

An expert from your local auto care like Pedders can inspect your vehicle for free and make any necessary adjustments.


If your vehicle is experiencing less-than-desirable handling and performance, you might want to consider taking it in for suspension work. The special tools and equipment used by a car suspension specialist can ensure that your tire contact patch and overall alignment are at their peak. Whether your car’s issues are slight or extensive, you can rest assured that having an expert evaluate them will be well worth it. The next time you’re looking for help with car maintenance, visit https://www.pedders.com.au/, you won’t regret it!

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