Laptop vs. Tablet: Which one is Right for you?

Laptop vs tablet

Well you want to buy a new computer and get confused whether to buy a laptop or a table. Which one is a better choice? To your surprise, in recent times table PCS are ultraportable, highly functional and have the capabilities of a full-fledged laptop. 

Both have their own pros and cons. It totally depends on how you are going to use it. This guide will explain each and everything and we hope that you will be in a better condition to decide between a tablet and a laptop.

Is a Tablet or Laptop Better?

Tablet can perform as effective as laptops. The advanced android applications can surf through the internet, run a spreadsheet or work processing. You can also play interactive games on a tablet and do all day to day tasks. 

There are numerous key differences in a laptop and tablet. Some may be a fan of a touch screen and will find it easy to work on it, while others may prefer a physical keyboard that is more convenient to type. Another reason would be the mobility and flexibility offered by tablet. 

Each of both the category has their own users. There is no such thing as good or bad. It totally depends on what you want? And what you need?

Comparing Pro’s and Con’s 

We have discussed all the related pros and cons of laptop vs. tablets below. Performance has been targeted as the main factor. 


The ultra-thin tablets does not have a good cooling system and fans as compared to the laptops.  They rely on low performing processor and consume less batter. They are still capable of doing a lot just a little less than laptops. So here you can say that on performance wise, advanced laptops are better. They can run high end games and run complex applications.

Operating System

Well, the earliest tablets relied on mobile operating system but today it is not the same as before. They come with a full fledged Windows 10 operating system. They have the capability to run spreadsheet, Microsoft work and all other normal task programs. 


As compared to laptops, tablets are ultralight. They are thin lightweight and more portable while laptops have thicker substructures, heavier batteries and more. This is no argument about that, a laptop can fit into a backpack or on your lap but tablet can even fit in your purse or large pocket. Moreover, the absence of physical keyboard and touchpad makes it more portable and on the go-sync


When it comes to display, tablet have an edge because they have smaller screens and a 1080p resolution will be sufficient to give a great view-ability. However, tablets with QHD display are rare as it is more common in notebooks. 

Battery Life

In case of battery life laptops are definitely the winners because an advanced laptop with dual batteries or multiple energy saver features can promise a battery life off around 10 to 20 hours where on other hand, lightweight tablet in which half of the space is contained by the battery offer longer battery time unplugged.

Wireless Connectivity

Well, in case of wireless connectivity, it would be difficult to decide between the two. It is only because both are equal in this aspect. However, tablets with built in cellular connectivity are a bonus. 


As we know that tablets are meant to be ultra-portable and use built in solid state drive (SSD). They have lesser storage as compared to the hard drive of the laptops. High-end laptops also features SSD that has more storage as compared to the ones in the tablets. So here, in case of storage laptop is a winner.

In Terms of Various Applications

In the Office

Well, in office most of the time you need a physical keyboard to work on spreadsheet and work file. It can also be done by a tablet but laptop is more efficient and comfortable as compared.

On the road

For people, whose work is mostly on the road like sales persons or other road warriors. A simple lightweight tablet is more convenient that can be carried in hand, or purse no backpack needed.  It can also be easy at meetings and less obstructive. However, an ultralight laptop with quite keyboard and specs designed specially for the same reason is not that different.

For Students

Given the work of students and their comfort with technology, they will be able to use a tablet as effectively as a laptop. For all round education use, a student need to work on assignments, take notes, run various programs. So a lightweight laptop will be more efficient because it’s more powerful and also has a physical keyboard. 

Overall Convenience

Convenience has different meaning for different people and different needs. If by convenience you mean easy carrying, ultra-portable, fast boot ups and android like features then tablet will meet your needs. On the other hand, if convenience means a multiple USB and HDMI ports, a physical keyboard and using high end programs then an advanced laptop will be good choice.