How API is Turning The Table of Travel Sector

How API is Turning The Table of Travel Sector

In recent years, travel agencies have seen tremendous growth in the industry, due to the reason that technology has empowered them with more dynamic features which enable the traveler to get access to the largest inventory of airlines, hotels, bus, train, car rental, cruise, holiday packages, seasonal packages and many more. Travelers from all around the world have their own sets of priorities and to give them the access to get the perfect itinerary is not an easily accomplished task. You as a travel agency, should have multiple suppliers to distribute the services, your customers are looking for.

With XML Integration, travel companies can integrate their travel portal with other 3rd party API, such as suppliers, aggregators and get immediate access to the flights, hotels and other travel product information. With GDS or Global Distribution System, it has become an easy task to get all the required results without any delay and objection.

API or Application Programming Interface facilitate third party software program to interact with another company’s application. When travel product suppliers, such as, hotels and airlines open up data and services in a secured way, they can control who has access to their data and what can they do with it. Many companies have their own travel technology provider that hosts API that innovate features by consolidating from various aggregators and suppliers.

It is beneficial for more efficient and scalable development process. Deriving business revenue from search and booking streams is an important asset for travel companies. An API should be designed with a target audience in mind. The Travel API should improve the distribution of travel data- inventory, rates, availability. A vision of the insight to a large inventory can only be possible through API, as it acts as a travel guide and provide the end-users with complete information required by them.

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