How To Find Legitimate Work From Home Sales Opportunities

How To Find Legitimate Work From Home Sales Opportunities

You can find legitimate work from home sales opportunities if you know where to search, what to look for, and how to avoid the scams and dubious offers.

WFH – Beware of scams and false promises

Legitimate work from home opportunities should have a business model that rewards partners for sales, lead generation, or affiliate referrals. If advertised work from home sales jobs includes you hav- ing to buy stock, recruiting new members, or paying for training or attending seminars, beware!

You should not have to pay to work as a commission only partner?

Upfront fees are oOen disguised as joining fees, or the cost of a sample kit. In reality this is usually the commission for the person that has recruited you, and for the many levels of people above them in the pyramid.

One easy way to spot an ad that may be hiding information is when the focus of the advert is on get- ting rich quick, how simple it is to make money, and how little work is involved. A good, honest advert will focus on the products and the sales model.

Example of a recent work from home online advert

Take a look at this advert that was recently posted online, I’ve hidden the company name to avoid embarrassing them.

Get paid to send out samples from an APP!! INSTANTLY PAID ON EVERY CUSTOMER

Plus you get £75 worth of FREE SAMPLES credited to your account No hard selling just sampling

Work from your phone. No hassle, no post runs. Just SIMPLICITY.

INSTANTPAY No waiting a week or a month. Lets Chat!

Whats your opinion of the ad? Would you apply for the opportunity?

Lots of enticing statements about no hard selling, instant payment, which they mention twice in a small advert.

No mention of basic information on whats being sold, commission rates, or the target market and where you find prospects. All the focus is on how easy this opportunity is and how you get paid just for sending out samples. I very much doubt that is correct, I think if you apply for the opportunity you will find that you only get paid when one of the people you send samples to places an order.

Notice the line that says: £75 worth of free samples. What happens when these run out, are you ex- pected to purchase more?

The above example is typical of the sort of advert I recommend that you dismiss when searching for legitimate opportunities.

Legitimate working from home sales opportunities

Legitimate WFH sales opportunities should be transparent. The adverts and information for potential applicants will include details about the role. The sales offers are real products and services that the target market will want. Pricing should be competitive, and the quality should be of a standard that allows you to sell against similar products on the market.

There will be contact information on the advert and the real name of the business offering the op- portunity. Be wary of online posts asking you to leave a comment or send your contact details. What are they hiding, who is the real company behind the ad, and are they genuine or another scam mak- ing money from recruiting members.

A key point to look for is a unique sales point. What key benefit or feature about the sales offer will make it attractive to the people you present it to? The above example of an advert does not include any reasons why the target market will want whatever they are selling.

Think like a customer. When you get information on the products, ask yourself if you would buy them. If not, why would people buy from you. Ive seen many products presented as an outstanding opportunity, then when you see the products you could buy them in a local £1 or $5 store. The prices are oOen inflated, they have to be so the company can pay you a commission. The quality is poor, they dont have a brand that people recognise, and there is no reason why people will buy from you.

Can you make money working from home?

Im oOen asked if there are genuine opportunities that allow people working in commission sales jobs to earn a real income working at home. The answer I give is emphatically, yes. There are businesses offering legitimate sales partnerships where you can work online or by telephone and earn good money for sales, lead generation, or affiliate referrals.

The generic term for people working on a commission basis is a sales agent. You work independently, you are your own boss working your own hours, and you are self-employed and not an employee.

You can work around existing commitments and because you work online or by telephone, you can work from any location with an Internet connection and telephone signal.

Many sales agents combine working as a sales partner for several business to create a portfolio of sales offers to increase their income and have a constant source of products and services for the markets they target.

Just like with employed job roles, there are companies that understand the benefits of supplying good products, treating agents fairly, and offering good rewards for results.

How to find legitimate work from home opportunities

Work from home opportunities are advertised online, on the websites of manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers, and on business and social media platforms. Now you have read this article you will know what to look for when assessing the many opportunities available.