Words with Friends Cheat: How to Beat Your Friends


Cheating at a game you play for fun defeats the essence of playing it, yet sometimes you just get stuck in a pattern while playing these games. Perhaps you’re tired, or perhaps you were caught with a bad set of letters. Words with friends cheat can help you go ahead of the people who or clear difficult levels. In this article we have mentioned all the ways and steps on how to do so.

What is Words with Friends?

Words with Friends are a well-known word game that you can enjoy with your friends. There are some similarities and differences between it and the word game Scrabble. Words with Friends allow you to play up to 30 games with friends from all over the world. The game is interesting and entertaining, and it can keep you entertained for hours or even days.

You must be competitive and able to respond to the changes that happen in the game while you are playing. The key challenge in that game is your vocabulary; if you have a great vocabulary, it will be easy for you. This game is as simple as it looks but can be very difficult at times.

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Words with Friends Rules and Guidelines

The primary goal of the game is to build words on the board in order to get points. Using the squares that appear on your screen, you can create words. Letters, vowels, consonants, and other syllables can all be found on the tiles. As with Scrabble, you must unscramble the tiles to create fresh words.


  • You can create words using tiles both vertically and horizontally.
  • Your need to put your first word in plus tile.
  • You need to make a connection between previously played words and new words.

Steps to Follow

  • If you don’t like your tiles, you can replace them. You need to consume a turn in order to do so.
  • Once you have your word ready, press the Play button to tell your opponent.
  • You will receive a push notice informing you of your turn.
  • While the game is underway, you and your friends can talk.

Winning and Scoring Points

By outscoring your opponent in points, you win the game. Each letter on a tile is paired by its corresponding value.  Additionally, if a player presses “Pass” 3 times in a row, the game is over. You can gain more points by:

  • Playing all seven tiles in one move earns you 35 points.
  • Create words on the coloured squares to gain more points.
  • Double Letter: Doubles the value of the tile.
  • Triple Letter: The tile’s value is tripled.
  • Double Word: The word’s value is doubled.
  • Triple Word: You earn three times the value for the word.

To get additional points, you can mix different bonuses.

How to Get and Use Words with Friends Cheat

Depending on how you define legality in this game, this is one of the least-legal, but also one of the most successful, methods to get access to these cheats. You can use word-finding sites to enter the letters you now have and discover which words you can make with them, as well as the number of points for each word and other choices. These are some of the websites and services you can use:

Word with Friends Cheat

Words with Friends Cheat allow an unlimited number of letters and displays point totals for Words with Friends, instead of the Scrabble equivalent. A list of terms containing your letters is displayed, ranked from most to fewer points.

Additionally, you can represent a blank tile with a period to increase the number of possible word combinations. In order to examine what words could be made with other letters and determine whether those additional letters are visible on the board, enter your tiles together with a period as a spacer.

Lexical Word Finder

This webpage is straightforward but effective. Simply enter the available letters, and the website returns the best term along with a range of high-scoring alternatives. The point values for the first word chosen and the other words are all listed next to them. 

The disadvantage of this is that it is useless if you are working from an established word on the board. Either limit yourself to six tiles and use the existing tile as the seventh, or try something different, such as the next cheat site on this list.

Scrabble Finder

Scrabble Finder allows you to enter up to ten letters. If you’re uncertain that the word shown is a real term then you can choose the word options to view the definition. Clicking the link to the word will show you what the word is worth in Scrabble and Word with Friends. You can enter up to 10 letters. You are also free to use any of the letters on the board that you like.

Auto Words with Friends Cheat for Android 

The apps operate differently from the websites in that you can typically screenshot the game(s) you’re playing and import it into a cheating app to view the top plays. To verify that every word it suggests to you is suitable, Auto Words checks the game’s dictionary.

The app includes an in-game option that allows you to switch between the game and the helper. Auto Words shows you how to capture a screenshot, and once inside the app, you can import your “Most Recent” image or choose a screenshot from your photo gallery.

Is Words with Friends only an online game?

Words with Friends are a multiplayer online game. Words with Friends Cheat work using internet as well. This online game allows you to fight it out with your friends. It also matches you with a random person online and allows you to play against them. In this manner you can challenge others and play word games with your friends online.

If you do not wish to play strangers or friends, or if you don’t have a connection to the internet then you can also play this game offline. You will play against a computer bot. This could be more difficult than or just as difficult as playing online or with friends who are good at it.


Words with Friends is an online multiplayer game that anyone can enjoy by completing difficult levels by themselves or complete again a friend or a complete stranger. Sometimes the level can become too difficult or you just want to beat your friend then you can easily do so by using Words with Friends cheat. In this article we have listed all the methods and instructions through which you can do so. 

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