3 Bathroom Renovation Ideas That Will Make a Big Splash

Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Your bathroom is more than the place where you go each day to shower off and do your business. It’s a place where you can relax at the end of a difficult work shift. It can be hard to accomplish the bubble bath/candle combo when your bathroom is small and underwhelming though.

So, it’s time to make a few changes. There are plenty of bathroom renovation ideas you can grab on the net that will help you upgrade your space without emptying your bank account. 

Let us give you a nice starting point. Check out this guide for a few tips that will transform your bathroom.

  1. Open Things Up  

Your bathroom is probably the smallest room in your house but there are ways to make it look less cramped. Stick to light colors. White paint will help reflect light around the room and create an illusion of space. 

If white is too boring for you, seafoam and other shades like it will do the trick when they’re paired with white molding. Speaking of molding, make sure that yours is narrow. The wide molding will make your bathroom look smooshed. 

Switch to recessed lighting. Long dangly chandeliers are great in your dining room but when they’re used in your bathroom they just bring attention to how low your ceiling is.  

Another way to reflect light around the room is by investing in a large mirror. The bigger the better when it comes to making a room look larger than it is. 

  1. Put in a New Shower or Tub

Call in your local plumber and have a new shower or tub set up. Walk-in showers are a convenient and safe option if you can’t get in and out of the tub like you used to. If you have an interesting tile display you can show it off by opting for a shower with clear doors. 

As far as bathtub renovation ideas go, consider a free-standing tub. It will go with pretty much any bathroom decor that you have and it screams luxury. 

  1. Think About Storage 

Again, bathrooms are typically the smallest room in your house. You don’t want to use up further space by having a bunch of clutter strewn all over your counters. One of the biggest bathroom renovation tips we can give you is to come up with some kind of storage solution

If you have the room for it, bring in a small vertical cabinet to store your linens and think about upgrading your bathroom counters to ones that contain tons of drawers. This way you have somewhere to put your makeup and hair supplies when you’re not using them. 

Bathroom Renovation Ideas to Upgrade Your Space 

Does your current bathroom have much to be desired? Upgrade your space with these awesome bathroom renovation ideas. You’d be surprised at what a paint job, a mirror, and a new bathtub can do for you. 

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