How To Ensure Your Kids Are Ahead Of Peers With Math In Early Child Development?

Child Development

Long before starting school, children show an interest in math. They become aware of simple geometric shapes, create and develop simple patterns, and build on their counting skills. Numerous learning apps, including Creta Class India, are made to take advantage of kids’ curiosity about math to enhance and enrich their preschool and schooling.

Additionally, research suggests that kindergarten math proficiency can predict reading proficiency. Besides, fundamental knowledge of numbers and operations may lay the groundwork for reading abilities.

Why is math learning essential?

Math is important because it teaches us to think critically, logically, and analytically. These abilities are essential for many facets of life, including problem-solving, making decisions, and comprehending the environment.

Additionally, many professions require proficiency in math. Math proficiency is essential for many careers, including engineering, finance, and technology. A solid grasp of math is also beneficial in various fields, including science, medicine, and business. 

What’s more, math is a universal language that everyone speaks. It is fundamental to our global economy and necessary for comprehending and engaging with the world.

Overall, having a solid foundation in math is a valuable skill necessary for success in many aspects of life. Along with numbers and operations, a child’s math education should also cover mathematical content areas like geometry, patterns, measurement, and data analysis. Learning skills outside of numbers and operations lays the groundwork for future math instruction, and children who have a strong foundation in these areas are more likely to succeed in later grades.

How do math learning apps help children excel in math?

Keep in mind that several factors guarantee that your children excel in math in the early grades. Some of these are as follows:

  1. Apps for math instruction can offer individualized and engaging learning opportunities. Numerous apps, for example Creta Class, employ algorithms to adjust to a kid’s learning style and pace and deliver lessons and exercises that are suitable for them. Using scientific and systematic courses and the Creta Coins system designed by an expert team, Creta Class aims to provide kids with a better math learning environment and fall in love with math so that kids can learn independently and actively. Due to the increased likelihood that pertinent material will challenge and motivate kids, this can increase learning effectiveness and engagement.
  1. Math learning apps can provide instant feedback and support as the kids learn math online. Many apps have functions like instant grading and step-by-step explanations, which can assist students in understanding and immediately fixing their errors. Creta Class as well. The ability to receive support and direction without having to wait for a teacher or parent to be available can be especially beneficial for struggling students.
  1. Learning environments that are convenient and adaptable can be offered by math learning apps. Apps for learning math can be used whenever and wherever kids use an internet connection. Kids who must juggle their education with other commitments or cannot attend traditional in-person classes may find this helpful.

Math learning apps can generally offer convenient, individualized, and supportive learning experiences, enhancing kids’ learning processes.

How can parents help children excel in math?

Parents can encourage their kids to excel in math in several ways. One of the best ways is to create a welcoming and supportive environment for learning. This entails encouraging kids to ask questions and get help when they need it, as well as helping them feel competent and confident about their math skills.

Easy graphing exercises lay the foundation for more complex concepts like statistics, and early instruction in shapes and measurement prepares students for later geometry study.  Therefore, parents can use case study-based mathematical problems and open-ended questions to assist students. 

To normalize math talk so that children can understand the concepts quickly, many parents use math learning apps like Creta Class. Working parents who cannot give their kids enough time generally prefer it. 


Parents give positive reviews to apps like Creta Class, as these were developed by qualified professionals familiar with child development and education fundamentals. A math learning app can be great for children to stay ahead of their peers. Click here to visit the official website of Creta Class and learn more about their courses. Creta Class is available on Google Play on Android and App store on Apple. Feel free to download and try it out!

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