Buy Sammie Puffs E-Liquid Online At Smax E-Liquid

Buy Sammie Puffs E-Liquid Online At Smax E-Liquid

In America, some things transcend culture, geography, and time. For many people, one of those culturally transcendent things is the aroma, taste, and feel of S’mores. Lots of folks enjoyed their S’ mores around a campfire and many others enjoyed them at home or on a picnic. There was something about the combination of Graham Crackers, Chocolate, and Marshmallow that made the world right.

Smax Sells Memories Online

Today, the world is a lot more complex and difficult to navigate than it was in the good old days but getting back to the flavors of a crunchy, gooey, and unctuous childhood favourite is easy. Go to and take a look at the Sammie Puffs E-Liquid flavour and you’ll be transported back to the time your fingers were covered in melted chocolate and sticky marshmallow with little bits of Graham Cracker sprinkled on them.

Sammie Puffs E-Liquid Comes the Way You Want

When Smax created the Sammie Puffs E-Liquid flavour, they were on a mission to find just the right blend of flavours to elicit the smiles everyone has when confronted with warm and messy S’ mores. The fragrances of the ingredients come through on the taste buds when inhaling the thick, sumptuous cloud of flavours. Customers can decide how they want the flavours to contain Nicotine. Smax offers three levels of Nicotine in its flavours – 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg. For those customers reducing their Nicotine intake from cigarettes, it is an excellent way to achieve their goal.

The VG to PG Mix is Important

Customers often ask about the VG (Vegetable Glycerine) and PG (Propylene Glycol) content of Smax’s Sammie Puffs E-Liquid. It’s a good question and one that the company focuses on in its design and production of all its E-Liquids. The Sammie Puffs E-Liquid contains 90% VG and 10% PG. There are a number of reasons for this mix. First, although both VG and PG are considered “organic”, they come from different places. VG comes from vegetables and PG comes from petroleum by-products. For a lot of the vaping community, this is an important difference. Second, Smax uses a greater concentration of VG because it produces a thicker and more satisfying cloud, bringing more flavour to the taste buds and a better vaping experience for the user. Third, high-VG liquids are less likely to irritate the throat or cause allergic reactions like nausea or rashes.

Sammie Puffs E-Liquid in the Right Amount

Smax knows some folks like a lot and some folks like a little so they package their Sammie Puffs E-Liquid in three different amounts. Customers can purchase two 30ml bottles for a total of 60ml for $19.99 or they can purchase four 30ml bottles for a total of 120ml of Sammie Puffs for only $34.99. Sammie Puffs is also available in a 100ml bottle for $25.99. Whichever size a customer chooses, they’re getting a great deal on a great flavour.

Bonus, Bonus, Bonus

Bonus #1 – When customers purchase their Sammie Puffs and spend more than $25 online they get Free Shipping. Bonus #2 – Customers who go to the website also can find additional savings on their purchase like an occasional daily special for 25% off their purchase or a discount for being a first time customer. Bonus #3 – The website also has a Rewards button for returning customers to receive discounts and specials on many Smax products.

Got Questions? Smax Has Answers

If a customer has a question or wants further information on a flavour or other product sold on the website they can easily get in touch with Smax’s excellent customer support. There is an inquiry form on the website contact page that customers can fill out to get answers to all of their questions.

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