How Much Does A Grass Wall Installation Cost?

Grass Wall

A grass fence or grass wall is an application made by wrapping artificial grass in wire mesh or sticking it to a flat wall. It is used for elegance, privacy, and security. Since it is tightly braided in terms of privacy, no one will see you while sitting in your garden. Furthermore, it has a stylish appearance and is applied to the walls of children’s playgrounds and gyms for security purposes.

Usage Areas

Grass wall is applied in many areas as it has certain weavings. The main purpose of these products, which are also used instead of real grass in your home, is of course creating a safe place. However, lately, it has been used frequently because it offers a stylish image on the walls. It is frequently used in garden sitting areas, around the pool, and in wedding halls. You can easily use it on the floor, as it can be easily mounted in any area you want. The biggest advantage of this application is that it is very long-lasting and suitable to be applied to the desired areas.

There are many areas where you can encounter grass walls. Accordingly, grass fences are easily used in structures such as gardens, fields, land, school surroundings, buildings, businesses such as cafes, and behind their walls. Thanks to the grass wall laid on the wire mesh, very magnificent views can be reached around the structures. In short, you can choose the grass fences, which have the appearance of attracting people in terms of decorative, and install them in the areas you want.

Advantages of Grass Fence

Grass fences are used to give a more beautiful appearance to many structures that are surrounded by wire mesh. Thanks to the extremely useful and long-lasting grass fences, the environment is given a decorative appearance and as a result, a more spectacular area is built. Grass fences also have several advantages. Accordingly, it is the most important feature to gain a decorative appearance. However, wire mesh is preferred in order to make the surrounding of the building safer. Wire mesh has a structure that shows the inner side. In order to prevent this, grass wall decor is used to prevent the interior from being seen from the outside.

Grass Fences As A Necessity

Depending on the development of technology, various structures have been constantly built and started to be used. In particular, people who are in search of giving importance to decorative appearance also needed various sheltered structures, especially grass fences. Grass fences add a visual element to the space. Although the green color is preferred a lot, people can also request grass fences in the color they want. Thanks to the extremely useful grass fences, it will also be possible to meet the specific purposes of people.

One of the areas where grass fences are needed is the acquisition of more sheltered structures. As a matter of fact, the inner parts are separated from the outer parts and a more beautiful area is created thanks to the grass fences used in many areas such as gardens, fields, land, building circles, school circles.

Cost of Grass Wall

It is true that the price is higher than normal wire mesh, but it does not cost much. Especially on the walls, the assembly phase is very easy and it is fixed with the help of screws at certain points with adhesive only. It lasts for many years and is very useful and easy to clean. Since the bottom is grilled, the dirt sticks to the floor and when you wash, the dirt accumulated under the application. It is easily removable and mounted on the floor, so you can remove and install it whenever you want. For detailed price and product information on the subject, you need to get contact a leading company like Wallgrass.

Things to Pay Attention

The biggest factor that you should pay attention to for grass fence roll is the application of the product and the contact of hot and cold liquids, and flammable materials. Since it is plastic welded, precautions must be taken against fire. It does not have a fast-spreading structure in case of fire, but the cessation of fire for a long time may cause the fire to grow. You should not doubt the durability of this material, but you should not forget the fire hazard.

You can also have quality and nice grass wall products thanks to the leading companies in this sector. For this, you should do appropriate research and then contact these companies. In that way, you will have the chance to get further information about the process.