Hollywood Celebrity kid Michaiah Hanks the granddaughter of Tom Hanks

Michaiah Hanks

Celebrity children never miss the attention of the media. Everyone loves to know about celebrities and their families. When it is about an iconic actor in Hollywood you may need all the details. Tom Hanks has a son named Chet hanks. Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks are amazing actors who have worked in amusing films. Their granddaughter is now holding the family legacy.

Further, Michaiah Hanks is the six-year-old granddaughter of this celebrity. At this young age, she has thousands of fans. She is an adorable mixed-race baby. This kid gets her beautiful looks from her mother Tiffany Miles. Let us see more about Michaiah Hank who comes from a family of actors and musicians. 

Michaiah Hanks

Details about Michaiah Hanks parents 

Born in 1990 Chester Marlon Hanks is an actor and musician from America. He is the third son of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. Unlike his popular parents, Chet Hank is a shy person who loves privacy. He is a shy and conservative person by nature. While growing up Chest’s parents joined him in a facility for troubled kids. 

After finishing this school he later joins a therapeutic school in Utah United states. Further, after completing acting school at Northwestern University he gets his first debut movie role for Dexter. Also, in 2007 he did a movie named brats and after this, he received a line of opportunities to act in films. 

In 2018 he again appears in the role of Charlie in the movie named shameless. Also, he has talent in music that made him do a hip-hop drama series. In 2020 the father-son duo appears together in World War 2. In this movie Tom, Hank plays the lead role and Chet appears in the cameo part. Chet Hank has also done several music albums in his life. 

Age, background family of Michaiah Hanks 

Born in august 2016 Michaiah Hanks is the daughter of Chester and Tiffany Hanks. Her father Chester belongs to Bulgarian, Greek and English ethnicity. The mother of Michaiah is an African American. Michaiah looks adorable as gets her looks from her mother. She has curly black hair that matches her stunning brown eyes. 

Michaiah is enjoying her life with her parents and family in California. As she is a celebrity kid her parents take a lot of effort to keep her away from the spotlight. Still, Chet did not keep details about his kid entirely private. The parents of Michaiah announce the birth on Instagram. Since then many want to know more facts about this celebrity kid. 

Relationship between Michaiah Hank’s parents 

Michaiah Hank is now studying in a school in LA. Many wonder why there are no details about her Mother Tiffany. Chet Hanks opens up about his relationship with Tiffany in an interview. It was a bit shocking for some of the audience to hear it. The parents of Michaiah Hank do not love each other. The couple barely knew each other before their daughter was born. 

Tiffany became pregnant with Michaiah after a one-night stand with Chet Hank. The parents of Michaiah have tension in their relationship before her birth. Still, they equally care for their daughter to provide her with the best. Chet says that Michaiah mother is a beautiful person and a stunning black woman. Even though, the couple is not in a serious relationship now they are doing their best to raise Michaiah together. 

Tom Hanks


Michaiah Hank is the daughter of Chet Hank and Tiffany Miles. She is a celebrity kid and her grandparents are tom hanks and Rita Wilson. Know more about the precious kid from the above article. 

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