6 Web Design Tips for Building a High-Performing Ecommerce Website

e-commerce website

We live at a time when people rummage around the internet for everything they need. No wonder, you will rarely find a business today that does not have an e-commerce website.

If you want to take advantage of today’s internet-driven consumer marketplace, it is crucial to build a website that is functional and high-performing enough to catch the interest of your target market. Without an e-commerce website that is high-performing, visually attractive and looks professional, your business rivals can easily edge you out.

Whether you are building an e-commerce site for the first time or re-developing an existing one, here are some e-commerce web design tips that will help you build a successful website:

Create an awesome “About Us” page

A web visitor will not waste his time to go to your “About Us” page unless he is interested to know more about you and the products and services you sell. That means that by creating an interesting “About Us” page, you are giving yourself a chance to connect to your target audience at a more personal level. To make sure that you don’t lose this opportunity, create an “About Us” page that clearly states who you are, how you started your business, what your business is all about, and what your customers can gain by doing business with you.

Offer popular payment options

One common mistake of e-commerce store owners is that they do not pay much attention to their payment options. Ever experienced wanting to buy a product from an e-shop but couldn’t get what you want because you didn’t have access to any of their available payment options? You wouldn’t want your future customers to experience that. That is why it is important that your e-commerce website offers a wide range of payment options. By allowing your web visitors to create an account on your website and save their payment information, you make their buying experience more seamless. Offering a variety of payment options also makes it much easier for them to purchase from your e-shop and want to come back for their future purchases.

Make your e-commerce website mobile responsive

Did you know that almost half of all consumers today make their online purchases using their mobile phones? So just imagine how much sales you miss if your e-commerce site is not mobile responsive! With a mobile-friendly website, you allow your target customers to access your e-store from any device and get the same on-site experience regardless of the size of the screen they view it from. If your e-commerce website is not mobile responsive and your web visitors see jumbled elements when they access it through their phones, chances are they would leave your website before it even begins to fully load.

Provide a space for product reviews

If you are confident about the products and services you sell, then providing a space for reviews won’t hurt. In fact, it can even boost your trustworthiness as a seller! Think about this: Your online customers do not really meet you in person, so their only way to ensure that they can trust you is by reading your previous buyers’ feedback. You can also save their time by showing ratings on your product pages.

Make sure your e-commerce website is easy to navigate

In web design, navigation refers to how web users move around your website. If your e-commerce website is not easy to navigate, it will definitely not work for your business the way you need it to. Put yourself in the shoes of your web visitors. Do you think your navigational structure will allow them to stay on your e-commerce site for much longer, or will it make them want to leave your site? Remember, the longer web users stay on your site, the higher the likelihood of a valuable sale. Don’t lose this chance by not having an effective navigation structure.

Make sure your e-commerce site is SEO-friendly

Before purchases happen, make sure that your online store is able to generate traffic. But how do you do this? By making sure that your website is SEO-friendly. Your website is more likely to rank higher in search engine results if it is well-optimized. Well, you can do this by incorporating SEO keywords into your product titles and aligning your content with search intent. Remember, the more you follow SEO rules, the more visible your e-commerce website will become on the web. Needless to say, increased visibility is the key to getting more website traffic and more conversions!

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