Whiteboard Marker Hacks That Make Your Life Much Easier

Whiteboard Marker

There’s one thing in your home or office that shall always be there; the humble whiteboard marker. They are nifty tools that make appointments easy to remember when you jot them with this marker on your whiteboard. However, there are numerous things that you can do with these markers. Here are some cool tricks that you can use your dry-erase markers to make your life much easier. 

Use for Labelling Frozen Items

When you are putting your stuff inside the freezer in your containers, it would be helpful to use an erasable marker on the lid. Write the name of the contents and the date, so you won’t have to guess what’s inside. Of course, you don’t want to mark your covers with a permanent marker that you can’t wash off. Marking with the date will also tell you at a glance if you can still use the item. It would be a nightmare for your stomach to eat spoiled food. 

Whiteboard Marker Hacks

Write Notes on a Mirror

You’d be amazed that the whiteboard marker writes exceptionally well on glass. The glass acts in the same manner as a whiteboard. You can readily erase what you wrote if you use a dry-erase marker. The bathroom or vanity mirror is one of the things your family members look at before they leave the house. If you have a forgetful spouse, you can jot notes on the mirror with your marker to remind about appointments and the like. You can even use the mirror to jot love notes to your kids to show how much you care. 

Use to Labelling Shelves and Drawers

Metal filing cabinets or drawers with smooths finishing like Formica can be easily labelled with dry-erase markers. It helps keep you organised and focused because you can group your essentials and know what’s inside. The best part, you can erase the marking and re-label with ease whenever you need to, making your life more productive and your things more functional.

Mark Mileage or Service Dates In Your Windshield

Usually, your service shop will mark your car’s manual when your last service date was and when your next mileage or tune-up must be scheduled. To make these details easier for you to see, you can put this mileage number or the anticipated date within a small corner of your windshield. It won’t disrupt your vision, but it will efficiently remind you when to take your car so that you won’t forget. 

Take Away Permanent Marker Stains 

If one of your kid’s inadvertently marked your walls with a permanent marker, then don’t worry. The solvents in your dry-erase pen will help take it away. Just write on top of the scribbles, then wipe it away with the paper towel. You may have to write over the markings several times until they are all completely gone. Fret not as this won’t ruin your walls because the solvents are mild.

Final Word

This list is not even comprehensive, and there are many more creative things that you can do with your whiteboard markers. Be sure to buy them in different colours so that you can make interesting notes that you can colour coordinate based on the task and the people who need to get them done. These markers are a must-have for your home and office because they really make your life so much more organised.