It’s Boring: How To Enjoy Studying Science

Studying Science

Science is always fascinating. But you don’t have to study it from textbooks alone. Today we’ll show you ways to make it even more fun

Use different apps

With these new apps, students will have as much fun learning as they do playing games on their iPads. The main thing is that our native teachers of physics, chemistry, and biology will be able to cope with this challenge of our time.


At the touch of a button, you can highlight certain bones, examine them from different angles, read descriptions, and attach notes. The bright and detailed 3-D graphics can compete for the attention of a schoolchild with a real skeleton model, which, let’s face it, is not in every classroom.


This idea must have been on the minds of chemistry teachers who had long suffered from their students’ curiosity. Now you can mix “that green stuff” with “that yellow stuff” without endangering the health and safety of your school desks. Explosions will be indicated by appropriate animation.


A microscope is a rare luxury for a school classroom. In the best case, there is one for everyone and you need to look through it quickly and without holding up your turn.

“Adapter” between the microscope and a smartphone SkyLight allows you to take a high-quality picture of the microscope, so it can then be safely viewed and analyzed.

Watch videos

Let’s say you really like to watch movies of different genres and sometimes you meet some movies (like Interstellar) where some phenomena are difficult to understand for the average person without special training and here comes the help of a cool guy Neill Degrasse Tyson (yes, the one from the meme!). You can find his video describing the ending of this movie.

Okay, if that doesn’t appeal to you, you can go to MEMES! Yes, there is such a science as “Memetics” and no it’s not a joke.

Use Gifs. Pictures.

This is just as interesting! A bunch of sites with an incredible number of pictures, gifs dedicated to various scientific experiments.

Read scientific articles

This is where things get pretty complicated. You have to read. A lot of reading.

Fortunately, English is quite a common language, so it will be quite easy to find accessible material with an easy pitch. You just need to search a little more. But if you still have a very difficult task, then you can use a  chemistry homework helper.

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