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Ldv Sales
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LDV is a brand that has come a long way since its inception. It’s not only available in one country now but you can also purchase it in many others since it is now owned by one of the largest carmakers, the SAIC group. If you are considering buying an LDV for your business, you can find various LDV sales in the market that suit your tastes and budget.

Most businesses have reopened or resumed their operations in full capacity these days. Having a delivery van for your business is a smart move. You need a reliable vehicle especially if you want to have your own courier delivery business.

Why an LDV Van Is an Excellent Choice

Despite the crisis on semiconductors, the LDV brand still sold twice as many models this year compared to last year. You can expect the new G10+van that comes with extra refinements to the LDV’s growing fleet of light vehicles. This new model is expected to make other carmakers run for their money.

There are various reasons why people buy an LDV van for sale Brisbane dealers have on showrooms. Below are some of them:

Enjoy Extra Space 

If you are running a courier business, you know how crucial it is to have ample space when you move goods across states. If you want your operations to be as efficient as possible, get a van that has enough room to transport your cargo from point A to B. Same day delivery is a flourishing endeavour these days and delivering products to your clients on time is a big factor. You can check out various LDV sales today and pick the one that meets your business needs.

Enjoy Practical Features

LDV vans usually have a short-wheelbase low-roof, long-wheelbase version in mid and high-roof configurations. You can choose from any of these options depending on the type of cargo space you need. All models have high ground clearance so you can rest assured that your delivery van can conquer roads in any condition. If you transport bigger items, it is best to buy LDV sales that focus more on the panel van range. With doors that open at the centre and locked open at 90 degrees, loading and unloading cargo are more convenient. Vans that have a raised ride height make loading much easier and without any obstruction.

Enjoy Product Reliability

One of the many reasons why LDV is a van of choice for courier businesses is the five-year warranty offered on some of their models. Top it off with a breakdown recovery that covers almost the same period as the warranty. You can enjoy peace of mind right from the get-go. It has a robust design that is guaranteed to withstand the elements and its 6-speed provides better acceleration.

Expect to have fewer breakdowns with LDV vans or LDV Ute for sale Brisbane products. Instead of spending money on repairs, you can spend it on other important upgrades. However, even with the extended warranty and breakdown recovery, servicing your LDV should still be your priority.

Enjoy Cool Features 

The latest LDV van, the Deliver 9 is available with a 2-litre turbo-diesel engine, with a standard transmission 6-speed manual. You can also opt for the 6-speed automatic. And it’s more affordable compared to other top-selling van rivals in the market, allowing you to save more without compromising the quality of your ride. It also comes with 16-inch steel wheels plus a full-sized spare. You will also love its side mirrors that are heated and power-adjustable, similar to big trucks. The latest model also comes with a big 10-inch touchscreen display packed with 2 USB ports and Apple CarPlay.

Key Takeaway

If you are looking for a delivery van that you can use daily for your small business, opt for the latest LDV SAIC model. Its engine also has good flexibility when it comes to suburban and city driving. Be sure to take advantage of their extended warranty to have a comfortable and peaceful ride. You may also check out other related content on our blog!