White Summer Dress: How To Wear It Perfectly

The Styles

Think of the white summer dress as the more subtle, sober cousin to the black dress. You can wear the latter to parties and look like the sizzler of the season. However, you can wear white anytime you want and look gorgeous anywhere, anytime you want. This summer, there are more than a thousand ways of draping your white dress however you want it to be. 

The Styles

The Styles

The blazer. The plus size white summer dress that you have seen but not yet introduced yourself to. A blazer is a classic garment. It will see you through the most high-profile work meeting and, at the same time, rev up your image at the party as well. Make sure you also pair it with laced stilettos and smokey eyes. We can guarantee things will look brighter instantly. 

The flouncy silhouette is next on the list. A long white summer dress. If you are not afraid to bare your arms and legs, go for it without hesitation. Don the style and walk out in the streets with sandal heels and a long necklace. There is plenty of room for air so you will not get stuffy. Also, the overall effect is to make you look like eye candy for onlookers. 

Old Fashioned and Sweaters 

A bit of an old-fashioned look will do you no harm. Remember the very official-looking sheath you wore to your office meeting? Well, the good news is it can also serve as its own standalone attire. All you need to do is throw a jacket around your shoulders. It can be anything from denim to bomber; just make sure you also slap on a pair of suede boots. Walk out of the house with that look, and you will turn more than a few heads. 

Did you know that you can wear sweater dresses in warmer weather? All you need to do is make sure the sweater is thin, knit, and sleeveless. You do not want the insides getting all sticky and sweaty if the weather suddenly turns up in the middle of a walk. A backpack will complete the look. 

If you want to adopt a casual white summer dress look, that is. For more stylish attire, you can choose caramel accessories and pair them with some shades. There you go, rocking a sweater like never before. It does not even take much effort. 

Old Fashioned and Sweaters 

All in All

The monochromatic trend never seems to go out of style. Remember the humble blazer? It made you look cool and official at the same time. Now all you have to do is match it with a slip that will complement the shade and enhance your beauty.

Moreover, this combination is designed to let the breeze in when you sashay down the avenue. If you are tired of wearing the same white colours again and again, then you can add a dash of black to it. Believe me, a black and white summer dress is the only thing that looks better than a pure white summer dress. 

Whatever style you eventually choose for your white summer dress, never forget not to sacrifice comfort for style. And always take into consideration your body type. Respect yourself, and then inevitably, the whole world will bow before you. 


1. Can you wear a white dress in summer?

Yes you can wear a white dress in summer.

2. What style is a summer dress?

Informal or casual dress meant to wear in warm weather.

3. How can I make my white dress look classy?

Pair with gold ornaments. 

4. What color dress is the best for summer?

Khaki, tan and beige.

5. Is white better in summer?

Yes it looks better in summer. 

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