Where Can You Find Crystal Jewellery?

Crystal Jewellery

Gone are the days when crystals were only for sprucing up your home. Nowadays, they’re seen as something that can boost your complete well-being: physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual.

Now, you can sport these crystals as jewellery, carrying their benefits stylishly wherever you go. Whether as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, or anklets, there are numerous ways to wear these crystals, harnessing their healing qualities and beauty.

The Crystal Jewellery Renaissance

The popularity of crystal jewellery has risen notably, especially these past few years. Over time, individuals have sought out jewellery as symbolic charms, finding comfort and positive vibes in natural gemstones.

Interest among young people surged further when celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Hudson, and Kim Kardashian started showcasing their use of crystal jewellery. This renaissance of crystal jewelry has expanded the availability of places to purchase these items, making them more accessible.

Where Can You Buy Crystal Jewellery?

The increased availability of crystal jewellery purchasing options has led to diverse choices. Conveniently, you can buy crystal jewellery from different places and in different ways, in-store or online.

Local Crystal Jewellery Stores

Despite the recent increase in preferring online shopping over shopping in stores, many people still prefer to shop traditionally. Physical crystal jewellery shops are still available and growing, especially with the ever-rising growth of the crystal jewellery market, according to research. Shopping in-store may offer benefits, such as viewing the jewellery in person to fit it out before you buy them.

Online Crystal Jewellery Stores

Shopping online may be the most convenient way for crystal jewellery. The most immediate benefit you may get is that you will never have to leave your house to buy! When browsing through an online store, you will have an immediate display of what’s available in stock, and every detailed description of each piece is readily available for you to sort through.

Additionally, online crystal jewellery stores may occasionally offer exclusive deals or promotions for online-only purchases. Certainly, it is a great benefit to consider.


Etsy is famously known for handmade items and craft supplies. It is no surprise that a good amount of crystal jewellery brands can be found on this platform. Etsy often hosts many small independent crystal jewellery brands that offer uniquely and personally designed pieces. 


Instagram has also become a hotspot for small independent crystal jewelry brands, much like Etsy. What’s unique about Instagram is that it lets you catch the latest design trends in crystal jewellery through its interactive features, giving you a sense of what may be popular.

How to Avoid Fakes

Don’t forget that not everything that shines is gold. That’s why not all gems that shine brightly are real. Unfortunately, people who sell fake gems will take your hard-earned money and run. But it might be hard to distinguish between real crystals and fake rocks. Here’s a quick way to tell the difference between real gems and fake ones:


Please look at this example: a real turquoise stone may cost much money. It also has a color that looks pretty realistic. On the other hand, colors used to make fake turquoise look cheap. Also, real turquoise looks solid, while fake turquoise might have strange cracks.

Overpriced or Underpriced

You could find fake gems that cost a lot but look cheap. This is because con artists may want to charge a lot for their goods to get people to buy them without knowing what’s happening. A pricey crystal doesn’t have to be real. But they aren’t cheap either.


To make the surface look nice, heat fuses rocks with different metal coatings. These are called irradiated crystals. Even though these rocks shine brightly, they usually come from a lab, so they weren’t made in nature.

Time To Fit Them Out!

Given the abundance of places offering quality crystal jewellery, it’s clear they’re a lasting trend! Crystal jewellery does not just offer beauty; it also elevates your overall well-being. Embrace and soak up positive vibes by adorning yourself with quality crystal jewellery!

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