A Mom’s Wish For Her Children

A Mom’s Wish For Her Children

The first thing that I want to tell you about is how I’m feeling blessed with the two kids. I had more dreams about those two precious gems before they were born. So, happy to share with you that I have a pretty girl and a small handsome boy. This sounds perfect and not even a single day I missed to thank God for giving these wonderful joys in my life.

Similar to every others’ mother’s wish in the world, I wish the same things for my children. I want my children’s health, wealth, and happiness perfect. But don’t think that I’m asking all the things for my children. No, just I need my children what they want to live a perfect and healthy life. They also need to stay strong, talented, humane, kind, and finally happy.

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I also wish my kids to get everything moderately in their life. It even includes the hungry and heart-breaking problems. They should not get such problems much in their life but they need to get enough of things. That will make them understand what actually life is? With problems, they should learn to come out of them stronger in their life. This is how they will understand the needs for the basic things in life such as love and food.

My wish is that my kids should understand the difference between good friends and bad friends. They experience the poisonous intentions of their fair-weathered friends and ignore them, But also, should understand the angry and good-hearted friends. After analyzing them, they should choose the right friends. 

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I wish that my children should not face big failures in their life, as they will hurt them. But they can experience small failures to learn the lesson behind getting success. Also, they should go and work hard to get success with a level up.

Then, I wish that my kids should learn and succeed in their chosen field. With their good education, they should get a good job where they can earn enough money for their knowledge.

I wish my children should learn to respect elders in their life before it is getting too late. Also, they should have three main things in their life at all times such as

  • Confidence
  • Determination
  • Courage

All the above things will make them follow the path of the heart without any worries. They should not worry about the thoughts of other people and they can just ignore them.

I wish my children should learn to live a fearless life but at the same time, creative and content life. They should live in such a unique way but not like others.

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Apart from the above-mentioned things, I also wish my kids to understand and appreciate the natural things in all of their way like good music, art, good food, good relationships, etc. Thus, they should appreciate nature for giving us a blissful life with simple pleasures. Finally, I wanted to finish my article saying that ‘Every day is a Mother’s Day’ and every day I thank god for giving two beautiful gifts in my life.


This is a simple article that how a mother loves their kids and what are the things she wants their kids to experience in their life.

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