Where to Buy a Beach House?

Where to Buy a Beach House?

When it comes to buying your dream vacation home, the thought of sparkling beaches and clear skies instantly comes to mind. Why wouldn’t it? With splendid views, stunning architecture, and plenty of nearby tourist attractions, beach houses serve as the ideal vacation spot for families of all sizes. 

But the real estate of popular beach spots such as Florida and South Carolina is often associated with sky-high costs. This causes potential homebuyers to dismiss the idea of buying a vacation home before they can consider it seriously.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

From homes for sale Surfside Beach SC has to offer to beach houses listings Pensacola FL has within its region, you can find a slew of affordable deals if you know where to look.

To help you find the perfect vacation home within your budget, here are 8 of the most affordable places to buy a beach house. Striking the perfect balance between popularity and accessibility, this list can help you find the ideal fit for your bank account.

1. Fort Walton Beach, Florida

With an average home price of just above $220,000, Fort Walton Beach FL shines through the crowd of other beach locations. Apart from its white beaches and gemstone green waters, the city is known for its marine tourism, craft beer enthusiasts, and unwavering love for food festivals. 

If you are lucky, you can find the ideal home just beside the glittering sands of the Emerald Coast. But even if you find a home that’s a few minutes away from the ocean, taking a walk through the warm sunshine is worth every second. 

2. Surfside Beach, South Carolina

Your search for affordable beach houses cannot be complete without looking into homes for sale Surfside Beach SC has to show. With an average home price of $279,000, the town offers optimal value for money to new and existing buyers alike. 

It is because Surfside Beach is essentially a tourist community. Also referred to as one of the best family beaches on the Grand Strand, the town lets you indulge in activities such as fishing, swimming, and beachside camping. With the Myrtle Beach State Park less than 10 minutes away and plenty of restaurants at walking distance, it might just become your favorite spot for year-round living.

3. Ocean Springs, Mississippi

Widely known for its arts scene, Ocean Springs MS is also an amazing tourist spot for those looking for serenity. Sporting an average home price of a little over $163,000, the city lets you enjoy accessible real estate along with plenty of recreational activities. 

Like most other beach locations, Ocean Springs is known for its variety of food and arts festivals. The city also holds several tourist attractions in place, especially for those who are hitting the beach. If you are looking for a budget-friendly but beautiful vacation home, Ocean Springs is the way to go. 

4. Pensacola, Florida

With white beaches that shimmer under the sun and blue-green waters that blend into the sky, Pensacola FL is the ideal beach house destination. To sweeten the deal, it also comes at the average home price of just above $159,000. 

Being a popular city on the Florida Panhandle, Pensacola holds various activities for tourists. Whether you want to swim with the dolphins or want to snorkel with other fishes, the charming town can easily find something ocean-related for you to do. 

5. Port Arthur, Texas

With an average home price of nearly $64,000, Port Arthur TX is the unconventional choice for those on a budget. The city is located on the Gulf Coast, which allows access to sandy beaches that glow under the sun and clear waters that mirror the sky above. 

Despite its relatively low-profile, Port Arthur allows you to benefit from various freshwater and saltwater fishing spots. It also has other ocean and water-related activities for its residents and tourists alike. The town may not have the same appeal that homes for sale Surfside Beach SC hold for buyers, but it still gets the job done for its price point.

6. Biloxi, Mississippi

In case you have more than a bare minimum budget in place, looking at Biloxi MS might help. With an average home price of over $148,000, the city has plenty of tourist activities that justify its real estate value. 

The Biloxi Lighthouse stands as an impressive landmark. But the city has more to offer in terms of trendy restaurants, engaging recreational spots, and interesting ocean tours. If you want to invest in a location that stands out as a beach city, the vacation homes in Biloxi wouldn’t disappoint you or your wallet.

7. Fort Pierce, Florida

If you want your beach house to be near sapphire blue waters, Fort Pierce FL can make that dream come true. With an average home price of over $164,000, the Sunrise City holds true to its name and has plenty of sunshine to spread around its residents and tourists alike. 

Fort Pierce also stands out as one of those beach cities that can easily double as a modern living location. But it still has the whole nine yards of beach swimming, festivals, and nightlife. This makes it strike an optimal balance between contemporary attractions and natural sights. 

8. Freeport, Texas

With an average home price of just over $107,000, Freeport TX gives you a beach house without straining your bank account. It’s quite different from the profile of homes for sale Surfside Beach SC has to offer. But similar to other locations near the Gulf of Mexico, Freeport does give you a variety of beach activities to make up for it.

Staying true to its name, the city is famous for its boating and yachting activities. It also gives you quick access to nearby beach locations, which adds yet another positive to its list.   

By keeping these locations in mind, you can easily find affordable beach house listings that go right in line with your budget. For further suggestions and advice, don’t hesitate to contact a real estate expert in your area of choice. Discussing your concerns with the right realtors can help you get the vacation home of your dreams.