What Is The Meaning Of The Popular Phrase “I Purple You Meaning”?

I Purple You Meaning

The phrase ‘I purple you’ was coined by the BTS singer Kim Taehyung. This phrase to circulated on Twitter and became an overnight trend. Many began to use this phrase with their friends and loved ones. Taehyung’s stage name is V and he is one of the members of the seven-member band Bangtan Boys. According to sources, he is the one who found the phrase during a fan club event in November 2016. In the event he said I purple you after the energetic performance and the lights on the stage turned to purple. It was great to see the lights and the fans loved it. Here you can find the meaning of the term I Purple You as it has become a popular phrase. 

The story of the phrase I Purple You Meaning

At a fan event in 2016, the seven members of the BTS stood on stage in front of a huge crowd. Through the microphone, the BTS member Taehyung asked the crowd “Do you know what purple means? And continued “Purple is the last colour of the rainbow colours. Further, purple means I will trust and love you for a long time. I just made it up”. The crowd found it adorable and replied “Awwww”. Then he said “I wish I could see you for a long time just like the meaning of purple, “We will always trust you and go up the stairs with you. You don’t need to help us all the time. You can hold our hands and follow us now. We’ll go up really high. I’ll make it nice”. One BTS fan later shared that his beautiful words touched people around the world. 

The meaning of ‘I Purple You’

The ‘I Purple You’ is a colour that represents love and is also the favourite colour of the BTS band. The phrase became a trend because of the BTS. Now everyone is using the term to show their love.  After V said ‘We Purple You’ on the stage their fans were quick to catch the meaning and started to use it in their daily lives. The meaning of the phrase is I will trust and love you for a long time. 

Further, it is a BTS fan way of saying I love you. Many lovers use it romantically too. So there is no particular context in using the term as it suits all situations and all kinds of relationships. 

It is added to the dictionary 

Now I Purple You has become part of the English vocabulary. Many dictionaries have identified the word and have added it to the dictionary for the people to use it. Therefore you can use the term in your daily life. 

BTS Army uses the colour Purple and the phrase 

BTS Army frequently uses the I Purple You phrase to show their love for the BTS gang. The colour purple has become the trademark colour of the BTS. So you can see that it many fan pages of BTS members. Plus, as a group, their fans are known by the term BTS Army. This South Korean boy band group are known for their amazing songs but now their fans love them for their adorable character too. Further, each member of the BTS is unique and they are also quite close with each other. They work as a group to make their albums and songs a hit which is why they are famous all over the world. The full form of BTS Army is ‘Adorable Representative MC for Youth’. Further, the stage names of the seven members of the BTS are RM, Suga, Jin, Jimin, V, J-Hope, and Jungkook.


BTS has become one of the popular South Korean singing bands. Although they struggled to come into the limelight they have broken a lot of records with their songs.

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