What Is An Online Proctoring Software?

Online Proctoring Software

Online proctoring software is a tool that is embedded with an advanced and one of the most developed AI-based technology that is used to invigilate the candidates or students. The software ensures that any candidate will not be able to do any unfair means in the online proctored assessment test.

Online Remote Proctoring

Online remote proctoring is the technology with the help of which assessment tests are conducted in online mode in a cheating-free environment with the help of high-speed connectivity, and a PC or a computer that is embedded with a working webcam and a microphone. This technology uses live streaming of audio and video via a webcam to an invigilator that can be one of the most advanced technologies or any human being to invigilate students on a wide-ranging assessment test securely. 

What Are Proctoring Services?

Proctoring services mean cloud-based online proctoring tools that can be used by any teacher, institute, or any invigilator to conduct and supervise any online exam with the integration of many advanced tools. It abolishes the chances of impersonation, reduces browsing patience, and offers reports of results to the host with the best accuracy possible.

In the modern world online assessment tests, online proficiency skill tests, and certification courses have become quite trendy. To avoid the flaws in the education system and to improve learning, many academic institutes are adopting online examinations in schools, colleges, and universities.

There are plenty of advantages to conducting online assessment tests. Any assessment test requires uniformity, marking, and monitoring. To create the ecosystem for conducting any exam a lot of money, a team of people, and planning are required. To avoid all these things, conducting a remote invigilation assessment test can be used to save all the resources, which can lead to comfort in the whole process of using proctoring services. 

Choosing a worthy proctoring software is still a dream of many educational institutes. As all proctoring software cannot meet all the requirements of any university. The drawback in the selection process of the software is the lack of knowledge and familiarity with the software. The assessment proctoring software is involved day by day to avoid cheating via anti-cheating tools, and integration of advanced technologies such as LMS. 

How to choose the finest proctoring solution provider?

The market of online assessment tests is filled up with numerous service providers, raising the competition with the improvement in the process related to online assessment tests, with automation, accuracy, efficiency, and regularity. The Online proctoring facility offers a wide range of services to reduce the use of human activities such as online proctoring software, long-term solutions, ID authentication, and detailed result report of all the candidates with anti-cheating free software. Moreover, with multiple online remote proctoring software providers in the market, it is crucial to choose the software that best fits your terms and conditions and is reliable to offer integration of multiple tools to boost the performance of the software.

Essential features for a Proctoring Service Providers  

  • Anti-cheating Proctoring Tools:

Any proctored assessment test can be conducted or taken from any point in the world. As it provides homogenous reliability. In today’s world, this software is embedded with some advanced anti-cheating tools which ensure smooth functioning of the assessment without any unfair means which is a crucial step. When selecting any proctoring facility provider choose one that offers an AI-based software that is capable of detecting any suspicious activity with a minimum accuracy of 95 percent. 

Moreover, for ID authentication a working webcam should be used. Any software should be capable of detecting any additional gadgets such as smartphones, PCs, and wireless earphones. Also, the best proctoring facility provider should provide anti-cheating software that can detect any materialistic thing that can help any candidate in doing malpractices during a remote supervising assessment test. Moreover, this software should be capable of offering a safe and secure browsing feature to abolish the concerns related to on-screen cheating.

  • LMS Integration:

Another feature that should be available in every proctoring software is the ability of the service provider to offer an LMS system which should be integrated with the proctoring software. This means that once a proctoring software is added with a Learning Management System then the software will offer a smooth layer of tools such as proctoring, intuitive reports, anti-theft features, and accurate and fast reports generation. This LMS layer offers streamlined assessment delivery and reduces the chances of technical issues and glitches. In the modern world, proctoring services software is available as a chrome extension allowing the host of assessment and faculties to edit and customize the proctored assessment at any point of time according to one’s choice with logging out from the LMS ecosystem.

  • Insightful Analysis:

Keeping the technical glitches and issues aside, it is crucial to maintain the assessment and the institute’s respect while ensuring safe and secure invigilation in the assessment. Moreover, the remote monitoring provider should also offer you highly accurate and efficient results of the candidates after the completion of the assessment test. Also, to maintain the integrity of the candidate and its scorecard the invigilation software should be able to share the insights with real-time updating at any instant of time. 

FAQs on Proctoring Solutions

What is a proctor system?

An assessment proctor system refers to the complete process which is used during the proctoring of the assessment test. All the service providers must offer tools with the integration of additional tools that can help in maintaining the decorum of the examination with unparalleled features and a flawless system with an additional proctoring management system to manage the complete insights of all the candidates. Mercer | Mettl, PSI services, Examity are one of the finest remote proctoring software providers that are embedded with all the essential proctor systems.

What is the role of a proctor in an online assessment test?

A proctor invigilates an examination to prevent any candidate from performing unfair means. During an online assessment test, a proctor can be an AI-based system or a human which increases the credibility of the process.

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