Learn from Russian Women How to Walk in High Heels without Falling

Russian Women How to Walk in High Heels without Falling
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Russia is also well-known for chilling temperatures around the year with snowfall covering the roads, houses, and trees everywhere. This country comes in extreme temperate zones where the winter lasts more than six months in a few areas like Siberia and the Urals making this difficult to survive unless you have properly covered yourself with warm clothes.

Despite such a thrilling atmosphere, the lifestyle of Russian ladies is totally different, they want to stay fashionable keeping themselves look attractive and best everywhere even walking on the snow-covered streets wearing the high heels sandals, shoes or boots.

5 Easy Ways to Walk High Heels without Falling

easy to walk high heels

Apart from other dressing sense, Russian women are experts in walking in high heels even without falling. So, let’s find out how they manage to walk wearing high-heeled shoes in a decent style.

#1 Walk with a Balance & Confidence

Wearing high heel you can walk properly if you walk step from heel to toe, gently move your weight forward as if walking on tiptoes and bravely take the next step with confidence.

#2 Practice Makes a Woman Perfect

As per few women in Russia walking on heels in winter is safer than a flat shoe sole. And few of them think heels dig into the snow and keeps you stable, but if you walk on a flat sole then it’s like skating on the ice. But the fact is that it is quite difficult to walk on ice without heels.

So, you need to do a practice and be confident of walking in heels on such a surface. If you are not sure you can consult professionals and learn the walking style. Initially practicing with 5-7cm thick heels would be easier and after a few weeks your leg muscle will be stronger enough to walk with high-heeled sandals and then you can regularly wear higher heels.

#3 Being Fashionable More Important

The fashion comes first for most of Russian women, so they keep themselves always look stylish and wear high heels either it’s a bad road, or sidewalks or snow-covered busy streets.

Similarly, to wear high heels you don’t need any special occasion and if you make it a routine you will become habitual and would never lose the balance of walking anywhere keeping yourself look more fashionable everywhere.

#4 Pretend Everything was Preplanned

Whatever happens with you at public places you can pretend as nothing happened, it was just preplanned.

Few Russian women walking with high heels hold their boyfriend or husband so tightly pretending how they both are affectionate to each other but they do it just to avoid falling. So, you can also keep in mind a strategy to avoid such embarrassments.

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#5 Stand up and Keep Walking

Unfortunately, if you fall walking in high-heels don’t get embarrassed get-up and keep moving with a smile on your face. Russian people including women regularly consume wine to keep themselves warm so holding a half-empty bottle of wine while walking in high heels to show off people that you’re drunk let them think you’re unable to walk properly in heels.

In Russia, few women are so obsessed and fashion-conscious that they love to buy high heel sandals and wear with summer dress even when it’s minus 20 Celsius temperature outside. They are not afraid of ice and frost and assume that they don’t get sick at all.

Can you imagine the lifestyle of Russian ladies is comparable to any other country, but you can learn from them how to walk in high heels without falling make jealous of your female colleagues.

Watch Video to Learn How to Walk in High Heels

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